MATHRIX Assistant Professor Programme

Every three years, the mathematical institutes of the department call for two W1 junior professorships, which are intended to make a visible contribution to gender equality in the mathematical sciences. This can be documented, for example, by presenting a relevant concept.

The MATHRIX Junior Professorships were created as a contribution to gender equality in the mathematical sciences. For this purpose, two junior professorships were created with attractive equipment, each running for 3+3 years. More information can be found here.

MATHRIX Professors


  • JProf. Dr. Aleksandra Kwiatkowska, Institute of Mathematical Logic and Foundational Research, field Descriptive set theory and topological groups. 
    Her research involves interactions between logic (descriptive set theory, model theory), Ramsey theory, topological dynamics, and group theory. In particular, she investigates universal minimal flows of topological groups and properties of automorphism groups of countable structures.


  • JProf. Dr. Franziska Jahnke, Institute for Mathematical Logic and Foundational Research, field Model Theory of Fields.
    Her work combines mathematical logic with applications in algebra. Much of her work deals with the Shelah conjecture on NIP fields. One basis for this is the study of definable quantities in valued fields.
  • JProf. Dr. Mira Schedensack, Applied Mathematics: Institute for Analysis and Numerics, field Numerics of partial differential equations.
    Her work focuses on the development of new numerical methods and their rigorous a priori and a posteriori error analysis. Her work also focuses on non-conformal finite- element-methods and adaptive finite-element-methods.