Prize for the Advancement of Women [de]

Every two years, the University of Münster awards a 20,000-euro prize of its own to honour innovative, internal projects and measures promoting equal opportunity for both women and men. The prize is presented by the Rector to individual staff, groups of staff, working areas, facilities, departments or faculties of the University.

Individual project funding

The University of Münster’s Programme for the Advancement of Women invites faculties to apply for funding for individual projects and programmes which support equal opportunity for women and men, promote career advancement opportunities for female junior researchers or expand gender-related research and teaching activities at the University.

Conference participation funding

Female junior researchers at the University of Münster can apply for individual funding through the University’s Programme for the Advancement of Women to help pay for career advancement measures. In particular, this applies to financial support to offset the cost of participating in academic congresses and conferences. With this funding instrument, the University promotes essential, peer-level networking of female junior researchers, and thereby improves their international visibility and reputation in the scientific community.

Childcare services [de]

Are you planning to host a conference or congress at the University of Münster and wish to offer childcare? As part of the Programme for Women Professors II, you can apply for funding to cover the costs of conference-related childcare services. Childminders are provided by either the pme Familienservice or the Babysitter Service of the University of Münster.

Interim funding for female academics in externally financed temporary positions during periods of parental or maternity leave

Female junior academics can face an especially precarious situation if their position is temporary and externally financed (WissZeitVG § 2 par. 2), e.g. through a corporate partner, and cannot be extended for a period of parental or maternity leave. As part of the Programme for Women Professors II, female academics can apply for project funding from the University of Münster to cover the financial shortfall if their externally financed position cannot be prolonged due to a maternity or parental leave of absence.

Ursula von Euch Scholarship (awarded by Ursula von Euch Stiftung)

for junior researchers with children

The Ursula von Euch Stiftung awards scholarships of up to 400 euros per month to talented and hard-working women who have children and are employed at the University of Münster as doctoral or habilitation candidates. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide young mothers financial support to cover the cost of household help, childcare and/or assistance with their research work.
The annual scholarship programme accepts applications at the end of each year. The scholarship is awarded for one year, but can be extended for up to three years.

Prof. Dr. Petra Pohlmann
Institute for International Business Law