Conference participation funding

Female junior researchers may apply once a year for funding from the University’s Programme for the Advancement of Women to offset the cost of participating at academic congresses and conferences. For domestic trips, the programme can grant funding to cover up to 100% of the conference, travel and accommodation expenses (max. 400 euros), and for trips abroad, up to 60% (max. 1,200 euros). Individual applicants may receive a maximum of 1,200 euros per year in funding. Subsistence allowances are not provided, and travel and accommodation expense accounting is subject to the federal travel expense laws of North Rhine-Westphalia (Landesreisekostengesetz).

Candidates are invited to submit an informal application by email to the Equal Opportunity Officer not later than one week prior to departure. Staff members in the Faculty of Medicine (FB 5) can obtain further information here. [de]
Application requirements:

  1. Confirmation of active participation in the event, generally indicated by a paper, poster presentation or lecture to be given by the applicant
  2. Reasons for funding request, briefly describing why attending the conference is important
  3. Written evidence showing (e.g. by way of a notice of denied funding) why other sources of financing (e.g. professorship, working group, institute, department, DAAD* (mandatory)etc.) are unsuitable or insufficient
  4. Cost calculation which outlines the extent of the requested funding

*Information on applying for funding from the DAAD:

As of 01.03.2023, application submissions are possible again!
The DAAD requires applicants to submit their funding applications at least four months prior to the first day of the event. The confirmation of active participation (i.e. acceptance of the proposed presentation or lecture) and the amount of the conference fees can be provided at a later time.

Funding for virtual conferences:

For conferences that cannot take place in presence, funding for the conference costs (max. 400 Euro) can be applied for. The requirements described above apply.