The Equal Opportunity Office of the University of Münster

The University of Münster established its own Equal Opportunity Office in 1990. Our team is comprised of the Principal and Deputy Equal Opportunity Officers, who are elected in accordance with the State Equal Opportunity Act (Landesgleichstellungsgesetz, LGG NRW), as well as administrative staff and an advisor in equal opportunity matters.

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Services, projects and programmes

In this section you will find services and programmes targeted at:

  • academics
  • non-academic staff
  • students (with children)
  • female pupils
You will also find further information about sexual discrimination, harassment and violence, as well as individual projects, e.g. events marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November).


Newsletter [de]

Our newsletter “wissen.leben.gender” (in German only) keeps you up to date on politically relevant issues of gender equality at the University of Münster. Gender mainstreaming at German universities continues to make great strides and has become increasingly important in recent years. The University of Münster is doing its part to sustainably sharpen its profile as a women- and family-friendly university.

Annual reports by the Equal Opportunity Office [de]

In our annual reports, we present the work and progress achieved each year by the Principal and Deputy Equal Opportunity Officers, and the student representative with whom they consult on a regular basis. The reports also contain an analysis of the latest data with regard to gender equality at the University of Münster (in German only).

Gender equality measures at the University of Münster

How does the University of Münster view equal opportunity? How are gender equality measures structurally anchored and who is involved in implementing them? Which laws and University-specific regulations serve as the basis for these measures? How does the University report on its progress in achieving gender equality?