Girls’ Day

The University of Münster has hosted “Girls’ Day” on a regular basis since 2001. Its primary purpose is to get school-aged girls interested in studying scientific and technical disciplines. Several days of activities, which traditionally include various programmes arranged in cooperation with the faculties, are coordinated by the student advisor of the central Equal Opportunity Office.

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To increase the percentage of female students in so-called STEM subjects, the faculties of the University of Münster have developed a needs-based programme which includes the project “Münster’s Experimentation Laboratory for Physics” (MExLab). The project highlights cutting-edge research related to the young participants’ daily lives and experience, and ties into the curricula taught at their respective schools. MExLab also offers single-sex educational projects for girls in order to individually respond to their needs and wishes. All the workshops apply gender-appropriate approaches with regard to the target group and content.
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Are you planning on applying to university after graduation but have no idea what to study? The programme “tasteMINT” offers female pupils in the higher grades of secondary school the chance to find out whether a MINT subject – Mathematics, Information Sciences, Natural Sciences or Technology – would be a good fit for them. During the three-day event, the girls can assess their skills in practical courses, tackle theoretical exercises and discover their strengths. The tasteMINT programme is not being offered in the current semester.
If you are interested, you can find more information on the tasteMINT project website [de].


Computer Science for Women

The University has launched several projects which aim to get female pupils interested in Computer Science at an early stage. The project “Computer Science for Women” aims to increase the percentage of female students in Computer Science degree programmes. It is targeted at female pupils enrolled at non-vocational schools (ages 10 to 18) and provides information at regional events and contact fairs. The programme plans to establish virtual and real-world computer science clubs for girls in the medium term. The purpose of these is to promote dialogue between the University and schools, and specifically between female students and female pupils, regarding Computer Science degree programmes at the University of Münster.
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