Research Interests

Research Interests

$\bullet$ Numerical methods for partial differential equations
$\bullet$ Scoientific Computing
$\bullet$ High-Performance Computing
$\bullet$ Design and development of numerical software
$\bullet$ Cut-cell methods
$\bullet$ Numerical methods for surface PDEs and geometric PDEs
$\bullet$ Biomedical Applications

Current Publications

$\bullet $ C. Engwer, I. Sorin Pop, and T. Wick. Dynamic and weighted stabilizations of the $L$-scheme applied to a phase-field model for fracture propagation. arXiv e-prints, December 2019. arXiv:1912.07096.

$\bullet $ P. Bastian, M. Altenbernd, N.-A. Dreier, C. Engwer, J. Fahlke, R. Fritze, M. Geveler, D. Göddeke, O. Iliev, O. Ippisch, J. Mohring, S. Müthing, M. Ohlberger, D. Ribbrock, N. Shegunov, and S. Turek. Exa-Dune – flexible PDE solvers, numerical methods and applications. arXiv e-prints, November 2019.

$\bullet $ P. Bastian, M. Blatt, A. Dedner, N.-A. Dreier, C. Engwer, R. Fritze, C. Gräser, D. Kempf, R. Klöfkorn, M. Ohlberger, and O. Sander. The DUNE framework: Basic concepts and recent developments. arXiv e-prints, September 2019. arXiv:1909.13672.

$\bullet $ M. Ohlberger, A. Buhr, D. Eikhorn, C. Engwer, and S. Rave. Advances in model order reduction for large scale or multi-scale problems. Oberwolfach Reports, 2019:38–40, 2019.