Library rules

  • Bags (including laptop bags), jackets, food and drinks are not allowed inside the library and must be left outside the glass door. Water in transparent bottles is the only exception from this rule.
  • Mobile phones have to be muted. For phone calls you have to leave the library.
  • In the photocopiers area you can find computer workplaces. These workplaces are for book or journal research only.
  • Inside the quiet area (Zeitschriftensaal, journal hall) and computer science library you have to work silently on single workplaces.
  • Inside the reading hall quiet conversations about subject matters is allowed. In case all seats are taken, the library is not available for further group work.
  • When you leave the library, please leave your workplace clean and bring your books back to their dedicated place.
  • The round tables are for reading journals and new publications only.
  • Before leaving the library, register folders and books you want to take with you at the library supervision.