Book Club

The MGSE book club is a book reading activity whose goal is to strengthen the understanding of evolution. Anybody who wishes to learn or to offer his/her expertise is very welcome to join.

Book Club SoSe 2017 / WiSe 2017/18

The Book Club was organized by Dr. Francesco Catania and focussed on the book "Evolutionary Genetics - Concepts and Case Studies" by Charles W. Fox and Jason B. Wolf (2006, Oxford University Press).

Venue: Seminar room, Hüfferstr. 1a

Time: 17.00

Meeting date Chapter to read
14 June 2017 1. From Mendel to Molecules: A Brief History of Evolutionary Genetics, Michael R. Dietrich
28 June 2017

2. Genetic Variation, Marta L. Wayne and Michael M. Miyamota

3. Mutation, David Houle and Alexey Kondrashov

12 July 2017 4. Natural Selection, Michael J. Wade
26 July 2017 5. Stochastic Processes in Evolution, John H. Gillespie
11 October 2017 23. Social Selection, Steven A. Frank
18 October 2017 30. The evolutionary Genetics of Senescence, Daniel E. L. Promislow and Anne M. Bronikowski
15 November 2017 10. Evolution of Eukaryotic Genome Structure, Dmitri Petrov and Jonathan F. Wendel
29 November 2017 29. Evolutionary Genetics of Host-Parasite Interactions, Paula X. Kover
24 January 2018 11. New Genes, New Functions: Gene Family Evolution and Phylogenetics, Joe Thornton
7 February 2018 17. Evolutionary Epigenetics, Eva Jablonka & Marion J. Lamb

  • Book Club WiSe 2014/2015

    The Book Club was organized by Dr. Claudia Fricke and focused on the book "Rapidly Evolving Genes & Genetic Systems" by Rama S. Singh, Jianping Xu & Rob J. Kulathinal (2012, Oxford University Press).

    Meeting date 1st Chapter to read 2nd Chapter to read
    27.10. Chapter 2 – Otto Chapter 5 - Xu
    03.11. Chapter 10 – Rogers and Hartl Chapter 11 – Long et al.
    10.11. Chapter 17 – Civetta Chapter 18 – Grady and Markow
    17.11. Chapter 20 – Lazzaro and Clark Chapter 22 – Ko et al.
    24.11. Chapter 23 - Artieri Chapter 25 – Arnold et al.
    01.12. Decided by participant Decided by participant
  • Book Club WiSe 2013/2014

    The first Münster Graduate School of Evolution (MGSE) book club was organized by Dr. Francesco Catania and the book in question was "The Origins of Genome Architecture" (2007 by Lynch, M.). It contains 13 chapters, which were read in a regular progression. During informal discussions the book club dealt with doubts that arose or questions that appeared after the reading.
    The book club took place every second week at 5 p.m. in the Kavaliershäuschen, Schlossplatz 6.

    Date Chapter
    20th of February 2014 XIII "Genomefart"
    30th of January 2014 XII "Sex Chromosomes"
    16th of January 2014 XI "Expansion and Contraction of Organelle Genomes" (partII: pp. 326 - 345)
    12th of December 2013 XI "Expansion and Contraction of Organelle Genomes" (partI: pp. 303 - 326)
    21st of November 2013 X "Transcript Production"
    7th of November 2013 IX "Genes in Pieces" (partII: pp. 251 - 270)
    24th of October 2013 IX "Genes in Pieces" (partI: pp. 237 - 251)
    10th of October 2013 VIII "Genomic Expansion by Gene Duplication" (part II: pp. 219 - 235)
    26th of September 2013 VIII "Genomic Expansion by Gene Duplication" (part I: pp. 193 - 219)
    5th of September 2013 VII "Mobile genetic elements" (part II: pp. 169 - 191)
    22nd of August 2013 VII "Mobile genetic elements" (part I: pp. 151 - 169)
    8th of August 2013 VI "The nucleotide composition landscape"
    25th of July 2013 V "Three Keys to Chromosomal Integrity"
    11th of July 2013 IV "Why Population Size Matters"
    27th of June 2013 III "The Human Genome"
    6th of June 2013 II "Genome Size and Organismal Complexity"
    23rd of May 2013 I "The Origins of Eukaryotes"