Get animal researchers as experts in schools, clubs or groups

Biologists start the program "e-vite a prof!" at the University of Münster

How do animals think and feel? Are there pessimists and optimists among them? How does the environment affect their well-being? Animal researchers investigate all this at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU). If you want to learn more about these and other exciting topics, you do not have to go on nature trips or to the lab. With the new program "e-vite a prof!" ("Invite a Professor") scientists of our department will now come to all interested parties and talk about their research results - in schools, clubs or in other groups.

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New postdoc joins our lab

Dr. Tze Hann Ng (Irene) joined our lab with Humboldt Research Fellowship for 24 months
Irene Picture
© Tze Hann Ng

Dr. The Hann Ng (Irene) studies host-parasite interactions: Candidate mechanisms for immunological specificity of a freshwater cyclopoid copepod, Macrocyclops albidus.
Since “immune priming” was proposed, there has been increasing evidence that invertebrates have this “alternative” form of adaptive immunity triggered by innate immunity. However, underlying mechanisms are not well determined. A study in a copepod (Macrocyclops albidus) system with tapeworm (Schistocephalus solidus) parasites shows the first evidence for line-specific memory in invertebrates. As the candidate mechanism has not been identified, there is a need to elucidate the underlying mechanisms for this line-specific memory in copepods immune system.

Science Pub was held by Joachim Kurtz on host-parasite coevolution

The Science Pub is a well established series of lectures in a relaxed atmosphere. On Monday, 18.02.2019, the latest event took place at Ratskeller in Münster. This was the first Science Pub after the death of Hans-Dieter Görtz who initiated this lecture series. Prof. Dr. Joachim Kurtz was honoured to talk about parasites and their hosts, examining their coevolution. To read a full article on the event written by the Westfälische Nachrichten follow this link.