• Research Areas

    • Evolution of immune systems
    • Host-parasite coevolution
    • Evolutionary ecology of parasites
  • CV


    Dr. rer. nat. (Biology, Zoology), University of Bonn
    Studies in Biology (Diplom), University of Cologne
    Studies in Biology (Vordiplom), University of Göttingen


    Visiting scientist, University of Padua, Italy
    Vice Dean for Structure and International Affairs, Faculty of Biology, University of Münster
    Professor W3 of Biology (Zoology), University of Münster
    Fellow and Convenor, Institute of Advanced Study Berlin
    Research associate, Institute for Integrative Biology, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
    Research associate, Max-Planck Institute for Limnology, Plön
    Visiting scientist; University of Sheffield, UK
    Cummunity service, Naturschutzstation Wesel


    "Der Goldene Hans" 2009 - Award of the student council - Students council of the biology department, University of Münster
    Fellowship of the Institute of Advanced Study 2006/2007 - Institute of Advanced Study

    External functions

    Speaker: DFG RTG 2220 'EvoPAD: Evolutionary Processes in Adaptation and Disease'
    Member of the Editorial Board 'Frontiers in Immunology'
    Speaker of the 'Münster Graduate School of Evolution' (MGSE)
    Member of the Editorial Board of 'Experimental Parasitology'
    Speaker of DFG SPP 1399 ‘Host-Parasite Coevolution’
    Member of the Faculty of 1000, Biology
    Member of the scientific council of the Max-Planck Society
  • Projects

    In Progress
    • CRC TRR 212 C01 - The role of niche construction and evolutionary capacitance for evolvability in the Red Flour Beetle, Tribolium castaneum ( - )
      Third-party funding : DFG - Collaborative Research Centre | Project Number: TRR 212/1
    • NC3 - CRC 212 - A Novel Synthesis of Individualisation across Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution: Niche Choice, Niche Conformance, Niche Construction ( - )
      Third-party funding : DFG - Collaborative Research Centre | Project Number: TRR 212/1
    • RTG 2220 EvoPAD - RTG 2220 - Evolutionary Processes in Adaptation and Disease ( - )
      Third-party funding : DFG - Research Training Group | Project Number: GRK 2220/1
    • SPP 1819 - Subproject: The role of phenotypic plasticity for rapid evolutionary adaptation: theoretical and experimental approaches using Tribolium castaneum and Bacillus thuringiensis ( - )
      Third-party funding : DFG - Priority Programme | Project Number: KU 1929/8-1
    • MGSE - Münster Graduate School of Evolution - Unterstützung des Evolution Think Tank ( - )
      Third-party funding : Santander Consumer Bank AG
    • SPP 1399 - Work Package: Coevulution between Tribolium Castaneum and Bacillus Thuringiensis: On the Evolutionary Significance of Genetic Specificity and Specific Immunity (2nd funding period) ( - )
      Third-party funding : DFG - Priority Programme | Project Number: KU 1929/4-2
    • SPP 1399 - Work Package: Programme Coordination for the Priority Programme SPP 1399 on Host-Parasite Coevolution ( - )
      Third-party funding : DFG - Priority Programme | Project Number: KU 1929/7-1
    • SPP 1399: Host-Parasite Coevolution - Rapid Reciprocal Adaptation and its Genetic Basis ( - )
      Third-party funding : DFG - Priority Programme
    • Post doctoral project of Dr. Maike Diddens-de Buhr: "Transgenerational immunity – mechanisms and fitness consequences in an invertebrate, the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum" ( - )
      Third-party funding : VolkswagenStiftung | Project Number: I/84 794
    • SPP 1399 - Work package: Host-Parasite Coevolution – Programme coordination and meta-analysis of Host-Parasite Coevolution ( - )
      Third-party funding : DFG - Priority Programme | Project Number: KU 1929/5-1
    • SPP 1399 - Work package: Coevulution between Tribolium castaneum and Bacillus thuringiensis: On the evolutionary significance of genetic specificity and specific immunity. ( - )
      Third-party funding : DFG - Priority Programme | Project Number: KU 1929/4-1:1
    • Post doctoral stipend of Dr. Sophie Armitage "Insect evolutionary immunology: the role of the Dscam gene in host-parasite coevolution" ( - )
      Third-party funding : VolkswagenStiftung | Project Number: I/83 516
    • Durchführung des 1. Statussymposiums der Initiative Evolutionsbiologie der Volkswagenstiftung ()
      Third-party funding : VolkswagenStiftung | Project Number: I/84 252
  • Publications

    • Desjardins E, Kurtz J, Kranke N, Lindeza A, Richter SH. . ‘Beyond standardization: Improving external validity and reproducibility in experimental evolution.’ BioScience biab008. doi: https://doi.org/10.1093/biosci/biab008.
    • Trappes R, Nematipour B, Kaiser MI, Krohs U, van Benthem KJ, Ernst UR, Gadau J, Korsten P, Kurtz J, Schielzeth H, Schmoll T, Takola E. . ‘How Individualized Niches Arise: Defining Mechanisms of Niche Construction, Niche Choice and Niche Conformance.’ EcoEvoRxiv Preprints 2021. doi: 10.32942/osf.io/wahcy.

    • Demandt N, Praetz M, Kurvers RHJM, Krause J, Kurtz J, Scharsack JP. . ‘Parasite infection disrupts escape behaviours in fish shoals.’ Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287, No. 1938. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2020.1158.
    • Moran N, Caspers B, Chakarov N, Ernst U, Fricke C, Kurtz J, Lilie N, Lo L, Müller C, Takola E, Trimmer P, van Benthem K, R R, Winternitz J, Wittmann M. . ‘Shifts between cooperation and antagonism driven by individual variation: A systematic synthesis review.’ EcoEvoRxiv Preprints 2020. doi: 10.32942/osf.io/sbrvu. [Submitted]
    • Ng TH, Kurtz J. . ‘Dscam in immunity: A question of diversity in insects and crustaceans.’ DEVELOPMENTAL AND COMPARATIVE IMMUNOLOGY 105. doi: 10.1016/j.dci.2019.103539.
    • Scharsack JP, Wieczorek B, Schmidt-Drewello A, Büscher J, Franke F, Moore A, Branca A, Witten A, Stoll M, Bornberg-Bauer E, Wicke S, Kurtz J. . Climate change facilitates a parasite’s host exploitation via temperature-mediated immunometabolic processes.’ Global Change Biology 26. doi: 10.1111/gcb.15402.
    • Zanchi C, Lindeza AS, Kurtz J. . ‘Comparative Mortality and Adaptation of a Smurf Assay in Two Species of Tenebrionid Beetles Exposed to Bacillus thuringiensis.’ INSECTS 11, No. 4. doi: 10.3390/insects11040261.

    • Demandt N, Saus B, Kurvers RHJM, Krause J, Kurtz J, Scharsack JP. . ‘Parasite-infected sticklebacks increase the risk-taking behaviour of uninfected group members.’ PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 285, No. 1881. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2018.0956.
    • Kutzer MAM, Kurtz J, Armitage SAO. . ‘Genotype and diet affect resistance, survival, and fecundity but not fecundity tolerance.’ JOURNAL OF EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY 31, No. 1: 159-171. doi: 10.1111/jeb.13211.
    • Schulz NKE, Diddens-de Buhr MF, Kurtz J. . ‘Paternal knockdown of Dnmt2 increases offspring susceptibility to bacterial infection.’ bioRxiv 2018: 422063.
    • Schulz NKE, Wagner CI, Ebeling J, Raddatz G, Diddens-de Buhr MF, Lyko F, Kurtz J. . ‘Dnmt1 has an essential function despite the absence of CpG DNA methylation in the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum.’ SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 8. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-34701-3.
    • Wohlleben AM, Franke F, Hamley M, Kurtz J, Scharsack JP. . ‘Early stages of infection of three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) with the cestode Schistocephalus solidus.’ JOURNAL OF FISH DISEASES 41, No. 11: 1701-1708. doi: 10.1111/jfd.12876.

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  • Supervised Theses

    Supervised Dissertations

    Chitto, MarcoThe genomic stability of the pathogenicity islands of uropathogenic Escherichia coli 536: the role of extrinsic and intrinsic factors
    Zaldastanishvili, ElisabedInvestigation of interaction and adaptation strategies of Escherichia coli in the urinary bladder
    Kästner, NiklasOf anxious males and angry females: how genes related to serotonergic neurotransmission, social experience, and the female reproductive cycle affect anxiety-like and social behaviour in mice
    Schmidt-Drewello, AlexanderBehavioural and physiological trade-off in an invasive freshwater amphipod (Echinogammarus berilloni, CATTA)
    Fischer, JosephinePU.1 dependent epigenetic control of neutrophil activation
    Franke, FrederikParasite-host interaction in a cestode-fish system: Schistocephalus solidus and its obligatory second intermediate host, the three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus)
    Peuß, RobertThe molecular underpinnings of phenotypic plasticity in Tribolium castaneum immune responses
    Kutzer, MeganHost immune strategies: remembering, resisting and tolerating
    Momir FutoThe role of microbes as mediators of immune memory in insects
    Eggert, HendrikEvolutionary Ecology of Trans-generational immune priming in Tribolium castaneum
    Milutinovic, BarbaraCoevolution between the red flour beetle and Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria
    Dittmar, JanineReciprocal adaptation of three-spined sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus) and the tapeworm Schistocephalus solidus in different environments
    Schüler, AndreasMolecular Evolution of Proteins in the Pathogen Response
    Pande, AmitEvolutionary Impact of Vertebrate Transposons
    Hiersche, MilanMultifaktorielle Assoziationsmuster con SNP/CNV Daten zu kardiovaskulären Phänotypen
    James Peter, Jessin JaniceEvolution of U12-type intron and its role in gene expression regulation
    Sietmann, AnikaComparative genomics and genetic analysis of hypertensive end organ damage
    Hammerschmidt, KatrinHost parasite interactions in a cestode with a complex life cycle, Schistocephalus solidus

    Supervised Habilitations

    Schmitz, JürgenEchoes from the Past: What Ancient Genomic Insertions say about the Phylogeny of Species
  • Selected Publications