The Animal Evolutionary Ecology group offers a variety courses for BSc, MSc & MEd students.

For a list of all teaching activities at the IEB, please click here or refer to the module handbook.

  • BSc Biological Science

    Aufbaumodul Ökologie/Evolution/Biodiversität

    • Evolution & Biodiversität der Tiere (Vorlesung + Praktikum)
    • Evolutions -und Populationsgenetik (Vorlesung)

    Material zu Vorlesung und Praktikum finden Sie hier.


    Vertiefungsmodule / Specialisation Modules

    • Animal Evolutionary Ecology

  • MSc Biological Science / MEd Biology

    Fortgeschrittenenmodule / Advanced Modules

    • Host-Parasite-Coevolution
    • Evolutionary Medicine
    • Ecology & Evolution of Freshwater Organisms (involved)
    • Sex, Sexual Selection & Reproduction (involved)
    • The Growth of the Evolutionary Thought (involved)
    • Die heimischen Lebensräume (summer term)


    Forschungsmodule / Research Modules

    • Ecological Immunology & Host-Parasite Coevolution

    In order to apply for research modules, please contact the group leader Prof. Dr. Joachim Kurtz.