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Meet scientists for easy-to-understand presentations and thought-provoking discussions in an informal athmosphere in Münster's pubs. The next talk will be given by Prof. Dr. Stefan Heusler & Dipl.-Des. Michael Tewiele on 17 October 2016 on"Visualisierung des Unsichtbaren - Von Quantenschwingungen bis zum Periodensystem".

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MGSE PhD Student Retreat

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The first MGSE PhD Student Retreat will take place on 24 - 26 October 2016 at themarine biological tideland station in Carolinensiel. It will bring together the PhD students to present their projects, discuss their work, and meet new people in a focused but nevertheless enjoyable atmosphere. Also two MGSE Principle Investigators and one external speaker are invited to give feedback and share their knowledge. We are looking forward to inspiring discussions and having a lot of fun there!

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