SFB-TRR 212 "NC3" funded


Good news from the DFG! The SFB-TRR 212 with the title "A Novel Synthesis of Individualisation across Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution: Niche Choice, Niche Conformance, Niche Construction", short "NC3" was funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) as one of 15 newly funded collaborative research centers. The SFB was convieved in cooperation with Oliver Krüger from the University of Bielefeld, who is also the speaker of the SFB. Involved IEB members are Claudia Fricke, Jürgen Gadau and Joachim Kurtz (vice speaker). Other involved scientists from the University of Münster are Norbert Sachser, Helene Richter and Sylvia Kaiser from the Department of Behavioural Biology and Ulrich Krohs from the Department of Philosophy.
Next to NC3, another collaborative research center in biology will be newly funded (SFB 1348, speaker Christian Klämbt, Institute of Neurobiology).

Congratulations to everybody involved! We are looking forward to more exiting news from NC³.

For more details visit the press releases of the DFG, the WWU, the University of Bielefeld or the official "NC³" homepage.

PhD defended!


Frederik Franke successfully defended his PhD-thesis. Congratulations and good luck for your future in München, Dr. Franke!

PhD defended!


Megan Kutzer successfully defended her PhD-thesis. Congratulations and good luck in Vienna, Dr. Kutzer!

Projektmodul - Vorstellung der Arbeitsgruppen


Wir möchten alle interessierten Studierenden zur Vorstellung der Projektmodule der Arbeitsgruppen des IEB einladen. Stattfinden wir die Vorstellungsrunde im Sozialraum des IEB (Hüfferstr. 1, 48149 Münster) am 08.02.2017 ab 18 Uhr.
Vorstellen werden sich die Arbeitsgruppendes IEB.

  • Bornberg-Bauer (Molekulare Evolution und Bioinformatik)
  • Fricke (Evolution und Sexual Conflict)
  • Kurtz (Evolutionäre Ökologie der Tiere)
  • Meyer (Limnologie)
  • Müller (Evolution und Biodiversität der Pflanzen)
  • Telschow (Genom Evolution, Mathematische Modelierungen)