Welcome to the Plant Adaptation-in-action Group

We study the processes of plant adaptation. We address fundamental questions in plant evolutionary ecology using an integrative approach that includes techniques and theories from comparative genomics, quantitative genetics, molecular biology, chemical ecology and experimental evolution.

We use the aquatic plant, Spirodela polyrhiza and crop-related species as our model systems.

Currently, we are working on three main topics: 1) the mechanisms involved in plant adaptation to recent human-related environmental changes, such as water pollutions and applications of herbicides etc.; 2) evolution of plant chemical defenses in Solanaceae; and 3) how plants evolve in a multitrophic community.

Research: We study the molecular mechanism, evolutionary process and ecological consequences of plant adaptation.

Teaching activitiesOur teaching actives focus on plant evolutionary genetics and chemical ecology.

Prof. Dr. Shuqing Xu is our group leader.