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    As of 10.6.2020, book lending from the library of the Institute of Ethnology is possible for students of the Institute under these conditions:

    • Contact us by telephone to discuss the matter and to arrange a precise date for the loan
    • Communication of the following information by e-mail:
      • Title and signature of the book(s)
      • Name, address, telephone number of the student
    • The book will be collected by the library staff, the loan slip will be filled out and the book will be placed outside on the landing/door-step after the student has arrived. The student can then take it from there.
    • The return of the book takes place in the same way, also after prior arrangement of a concrete date.

    Information on the Corona emergency fund for students

    Due to the great financial hardship of many students, EMU and the AStA have decided to amend the guidelines for the allocation of aid. This will make it possible for students to receive up to 450 euros for a second time instead of the previous one-off payment.

    Info sheet Corona emergency funds

    FAQ MA-Thesis Supervision

    Master-Students enrolled since the winterterm 2018/19 may choose Prof. Dr. Helene Basu or Prof. Dr. Dorothea Schulz as first supervisor.

    Dr. Souleymane Diallo or Dr. Markus Schleiter may be consulted as second supervisors.

    FAQ MA Mod 8

    Because of the covid-19 situation, oral defense of the Master Thesis in Mod. 8 may be held via a video conference (zoom). Mod. 8 is taught by Prof. Helene Basu or Prof. Dorothea Schulz, one of whom will conduct the viva. The oral defense of the thesis concludes Mod 8 and cannot be attended before the writing process of the thesis starts. Please contact Ms. Osterheider for further information.

    All courses will be done online from the 20/04/20. You will find more information in the comments of the respective Courses in the LSF Portal.

    Programs like Learnweb and Zoom will be used for the online courses. For questions regarding the use of WWU Zoom, Albert Rodon offers support via E-mail.

    ATTENTION: MA Social Anthropology: QISPOS-Registration for the Summer Semester 2020

    The registration period for examinations is open from 4th of Mai 2020 to 30th of June 2020. Information for every Module can be found here:

    Master all Modules

    Promotion of research projects from students

    The Rectorate of the WWU supports innovative and scientific projects initiated and carried out by students (including doctoral students) with up to 5,000.00 euros. It is important, among other things, that these projects are distinguished from degree qualifying measures and other academic achievements. The age limit is 27 years. Further information can be found on the SAFIR website, which will be happy to assist you with your application!

    MA Social Anthropology: QISPOS-Registration for the Winter Semester 2019/20.

    The registration period for examinations is open from 21st October to 17th of December 2019. Information for every Module can be found here:

    Master all Modules

    The allocation of seminar places in BA Module 1 has been completed.

    In the two lists of participants, you will find the course place you have obtained by entering your matriculation number.

    List of Participants Seminar Einführung and Übung wissenschaftliches Arbeiten

    Books, books, books!

    Some institute members have donated books. Anyone can have look in the student council room (basementkitchen) and take any books they like home.

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