• News: Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

    In the week from 20.05.2024 to 24.05.2024, the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology will only be open on:

    Wednesday 22.05.2024: 10:00-14:00

    Information event | master's degree programme in Social Anthropology

    On Friday, June 7th at 12:00, there will be an information event for people interested in the Master's degree programme in Social Anthropology. The event will take place online via Zoom. 

    You can enter thee Zoom-meeting by clicking here.
    Meeting-ID: 620 0442 6521
    Passcode: 822113

    Internship or Research Opportunity at the Günter Frank House

    BA and/or MA students have the opportunity to do an internship or research at the Günter Frank House (Neuenhaus, Lower Saxony). Further information can be found in the following document.

    Einladung zum Workshop ''Violence in the Field" | 26. bis 28. September 2024

    "Violence in the Field - Recognizing, naming, and transforming experiences of violence in research contexts"

    Aim of the workshop is to create an accountability space for reflection where social anthropologists and artists of all academic hierarchical levels, with diverse backgrounds, can reflect on their experiences of violence.

    We intend to work with participants' personal experiences and examples.

    Performative and theatrical methods and exercises facilitate the direct involvement of bodies, emotions, and embodiment in the work and discussion processes.

    You can find more information about the workshop in the flyer.

    The workshop is organised by the Owdnegrin Performance Collective, Dr Julia Koch Tshirangwana and Dr Annika Strauss.
    The workshop can be credited as (research) internship. Also, amodule completion thesis can be prepared within the framework of the workshop.

    Senegal Exkursion - Pilgrimage & Memory

    The three-week excursion to Senegal allows insights into practices and places of cultural memory and pilgrimage that bring together different religious traditions and forms of remembering. For more detailed information please click here.

QISPOS - Registration for the booking of your coursework and examination work
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QISPOS - Registration

  •  22 April 2024 until 18 June 2024
For further information, please consult the following  document.

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  • Electoral results

    Current information will follow, when provided by the student council of the masters programme.

    International Anthro Organization 2022

    We, the International Anthro Organization 2022 have been elected as the student council to represent the master students in the IDepartment of Social and Cultural Anthropology.

    We aim to support students in their journey throughout their programme. We strive to be inclusive, active and sensitive to the needs of all students. The council works passionately in assisting International students who might be facing difficulties as a student in Germany. From providing individual attention to keeping students connected, the council hopes to make each student's experience fun, relaxed, enriching and exciting.

    Team International Anthro Organization 2022.

    • Chairperson: Harshitha Deepak Kumayaa
    • Deputy Chairperson: Laura Maria Gonzalez
    • Financier: Josefine Booi
    • Rep. for MA Visual Anthropology: Sadaf Bilgari
    • Members: Silvana Gutierrez, Moyu Li, Nadia Millati
  • Information on the Emergency Fund

    Costfree social counselling

    Due to the financial hardship of many students, the University of Muenster and the AStA offer costfree social counselling and the crisis fund. Further information can be found here.

  • Research Funding Support

    Funding for student research projects

    The Rectorate of the WWU supports innovative and scientific projects initiated and carried out by students (including doctoral students) with up to 5,000.00 euros. It is important, among other things, that these projects are distinguished from degree qualifying measures and other academic achievements. The age limit is 27 years. Further information can be found on the SAFIR website, which will be happy to assist you with your application.