• Vita

    since 2021 University of Münster
    Junior Fellow at the Käte Hamburger Kolleg “Legal Unity and Pluralism”
    2013 – 2021 University of Münster
    Study of Political Science and History


  • Research Project

    Legal spaces on collision course: dealing with legal enclaves in the early modern city

    We can observe a variety of forms of legal and judicial pluralism in the early modern city, where different legal spaces overlapped, different judicial powers coexisted, and competing jurisdictional claims emerged. A typical case is the clergy, which claimed special jurisdiction for certain places and groups of people within the city walls. However, conflicts often arose with the urban authorities over what form this jurisdiction would actually take, and how it would be delimited.

    These conflicts represent the starting-point of the doctoral project: taking the city of Münster as an example, it explores the efforts made to regulate in a long-term and binding manner the relationship between the municipal authorities on the one hand, and ecclesiastical enclaves on the other; to demarcate the disputed competences and jurisdictional areas from one another; and to fix such regulations by contract. Competition, and demarcation of courts and legal spaces with regard to one another, led repeatedly to unifications both within the respective legal spaces and with regard to the modes of dealing with legal pluralism.

    The doctoral project will investigate why the efforts to unify the law and the strategies for dealing with legal pluralism within the city succeeded or failed. The aim is to work out how far this process managed (or failed) to capture in law the social diversity within the city walls.

  • Main Areas of Research

    History of Diplomacy and International Relations

    Regional History of Westphalia