Käte Hamburger Kolleg Münster


The Käte Hamburger Kolleg „Legal Unity and Pluralism” (EViR) at the University of Münster has been funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research since 2021. Fellows from all over the world, together with scholars from Münster, examine the dynamic tension between legal unity and pluralism from antiquity to the present. This is the first attempt to systematically investigate the phenomenon in its entire historical depth and across disciplinary boundaries.

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Workshop "Handel als Faktor"

The workshop "Gesellschaftliche Diversität und Phänomene rechtlicher Einheit und Vielfalt in der vormodernen Stadt (I): Handel als Faktor" on 3 December 2021 will take place digitally. For participation via Zoom, registration at info.evir@uni-muenster.de is required.

The series of three workshops (in German) is a cooperation with the Institut für vergleichende Städtegeschichte. It will explore the question of how legal plurality and social diversity are interrelated in the pre-modern town and what role different types of towns play in this process. The first part will focus on trading towns.

EViR Insights
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Where legal history becomes visible

On 24 November 2021, Kolleg Director Peter Oestmann guided the new Fellows on a city tour of Münster that was as educational as it was entertaining. In addition to information on the obligatory sights such as the town hall, where the Peace of Westphalia was concluded, or the Lamberti Church with its three cages for the Anabaptists, Oestmann also shared a lot of details about the legal history of the city.