• Vita

    since 2021 University of Münster
    Junior Fellow at the Käte Hamburger Kolleg “Legal Unity and Pluralism”
    2015 – 2021 University of Münster
    Study of Law with Completion of the First Legal State Exam
    completed Certificate Programmes regarding “Common Law” and “Droit Français“
    Stay at the Texas Tech University School of Law (Lubbock, TX)
    2017 – 2021 University of Münster
    Student Assistant at the Chair for Private Law, Philosophy of Law and Private International Law


  • Research Project

    Law in the Kingdom of Westphalia

    The research project focuses temporally and spatially on the Kingdom of Westphalia, which existed as a state founded by Napoleon Bonaparte on German territory from 1807 to 1813. Marked by its territorial and social heterogeneity, the state was nonetheless given a certain organizational unity by the presence as king of Napoleon’s brother. Usually studied in relation to the France of the time, the Kingdom of Westphalia is often described as existing in a relationship of dependence.

    My work on legal history will focus on law in the Kingdom of Westphalia. To what extent can we discern a relationship of dependence on France when it comes to the legal system in the Kingdom of Westphalia? The fact that law established independently coexisted in the Kingdom with law originated from France does not yet allow us to draw any clear conclusions.

    For the purposes of this study, I take a broad definition of law: besides normative texts, it also encompasses ideals of the body of law, as well as jurisprudence and how law is enforced. I also intend not to limit myself to a specific legal matter, but rather to be guided by the abovementioned dimensions of law, achieving a broad understanding of the Kingdom’s legal system. In doing so, I will pay particular attention to tendencies towards unity and pluralism, and to how these phenomena were addressed.

  • Main Areas of Research

    Legal History of the Modern Era