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Members of the Research Group

Friederike Füsser friederike.fuesser@uni-muenster.de PhD Student
Janosch Menke janosch.menke@uni-muenster.de PhD Student
Sarah Maskri sarah.maskri@uni-muenster.de PhD Student
Ann-Kathrin Prinz annkathrin.prinz@uni-muenster.de PhD Student
Philipp Otten potten@uni-muenster.de PhD Student
Felipe Victoria-Muñoz f.victoria@uni-muenster.de PhD Student
Joana Massa j.massa@uni-muenster.de PhD Student
Johannes Kaminski j.kaminski@uni-muenster.de Master Student
Samuel Homberg samuel.homberg@uni-muenster.de Master Student




Münster Alumni

Name Currently
Jiahui Huang PhD Student at the University of Vienna