Prof. Dr. Dieter Hoppe

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Prof. Dr. Dieter Hoppe, born 1941, Dr. rer. nat. 1970 (Universität Göttingen, U. Schöllkopf); Habilitation 1977 (Universität Göttingen); Research Fellowship 1977-78 (R. B. Woodward, Harvard-University, Cambrigde/Mass.); Privatdozent 1978-1983 (Universität Göttingen); Universitätsprofessor 1983-85 (Universität Göttingen); Universitätsprofessor and Direktor 1985-1992 (Universität Kiel); 1992 (Universität Münster); Editor Synthesis 1988 - 2000; Member of the Graduate College "Highly Reactive Multiple Bonds" from 1993 - 2002, Speaker of the Sonderforschungsbereich 424 "Molecular Orientation and its Function in Chemical Systems" 1997 - 2008, Otto-Bayer-Award 1993, Max-Planck-Award for International Cooperation 1999, "Adolf-von-Baeyer-Denkmünze" of the GDCh 2001, 2000 - 2004 Referee of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for Organic Chemistry. Dieter Hoppe has been retired since July 2006.

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Previous Research Interests

 Development of new methods in enantioselective synthesis; development and synthetic application of chiral 1-oxyallyl, 1-oxybenzyl, 1-oxyalkyl, 1-thiobenzyl, 1-thioallyl, and indenyl anions: homoaldol reaction; asymmetric deprotonation reactions, mediated by chiral bases such as (-)-sparteine; synthesis of dipeptide isosteres and other potentially biologically active compounds, N-sulfonyl-1,3-oxazolidines as chiral templates and utilization in natural product synthesis.

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