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Welcome to the Wiest lab!

We are a group of young organic chemists at the University of Münster with a general interest in organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry, and physical organic chemistry.


Students interested in pursuing Master or Bachelor research are encouraged to contact J. M. Wiest by email.

Talented and highly motivated students interested in joining our group for carrying out their PhD are welcome to apply.

Postdoctoral applications are welcome! Suitable candidates will receive strong support in applying for external funding.

Research Overview

The Wiest lab is devoted to exploring and understanding unusual reactivity of strained molecules and to ultimately use that knowledge to improve syntheses. Our inspiration for  method development stems from structural motifs found in natural products and biologically active molecules that are difficult to access via current methods. In addition, we aim to understand and predict the unique reactivity of strained molecues to inspire and contribute to the future of organic chemistry.


The Wiest lab acknowledges generous financial support from the following agencies: