The Institute of Business Administration aims at a further internationalization of the Business Chemistry course. Students should have the opportunity to acquire international and intercultural competencies without encountering barriers. In this way, and including the use of international partnerships, the Business Chemistry course is to be adapted to the increasing internationalization of the labour market and of society.

Study Abroad

A stay abroad offers Business Chemistry students the opportunity to improve their foreign language skills, acquire intercultural competencies and get to know their course of study from a different perspective. A semester spent abroad forms a sound basis for a business chemist’s career in the chemical industry, with its international structure.

In the Business Chemistry Master’s course there are three possibilities for spending a period of time abroad. The one most usually chosen is to take part either in an exchange programme for students of Business Chemistry run by the Institute of Business Administration and a partner university, or through existing contacts at the Institute. Also, in principle, Business Administration modules can be completed through existing partnership agreements at the Münster School of Business & Economics, and Chemistry modules through partnership agreements at the Department of Chemistry.

There is, for example, an exchange programme with the School of Management and Economics at Dalian University of Technology (DUT) in China. The establishment of this programme is an acknowledgement on the part of our Institute of the increasing importance for the chemical industry of the Asian market.

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DUT, situated in Liaoning Province, is a state-run university of the People’s Republic of China and has around 30,000 students. It is one of the most prestigious universities in China in the fields of Chemistry and Management. In recent years numerous national research and educational programmes have been initiated at DUT, with direct funding from the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Any business chemistry students who are interested in the exchange programme may contact the student advice office.