The Institute of Business Administration aims at a further internationalization of the Business Chemistry course. Students should have the opportunity to acquire international and intercultural competencies without encountering barriers.

A study stay abroad is a good opportunity not only to broaden your professional and linguistic knowledge, it also offers an important opportunity for personal development. In the Master's program in Business Chemistry there are three options for a stay abroad.

The one most usually chosen is to take part either in an exchange programme for students of Business Chemistry run by the Institute of Business Administration and a partner university, or through existing contacts at the Institute. Also, in principle, Business Administration modules can be completed through existing partnership agreements at the Münster School of Business & Economics, and Chemistry modules through partnership agreements at the Department of Chemistry.

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  • Application

  • Credit transfer

  • Financing

    Studying abroad usually involves an additional financial burden. There will be travel expenses and usually tuition fees if you go abroad as a "free mover". Rents and costs of living are also often higher in the host country than in Germany. The easiest way to realize your studies abroad is to take advantage of an exchange programme offered by the WWU. Here you will have to pay no or greatly reduced tuition fees.

    Below you will find a selection of grants and scholarships

    ERASMUS+ If you would like to study abroad via the ERASMUS programme, you must apply for a place at a partner university at the IRC (International Relations Center). Requirements are that you are enrolled at the WWU Münster, have already studied here for at least one year and meet the language requirements for the target country (at least level B1). Participants in the ERASMUS programme must achieve 18-30 ECTS at the host university and in the best case have all courses at the host university credited by the WWU . You can find more information about the application here.

    Funding is available for 4 months / 120 days per semester abroad (max. 2 semesters), depending on the country.
    • Group 1: approx. 450€ per month: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain
    • Group 2: approx. 390€ per month: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain
    • Group 3: approx. 330€ per month: Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary
    Students who have already received ERASMUS funding in their bachelor's degree programme can also apply for a second place in their master's and/or doctoral studies. This period is to be counted towards the total possible funding period of 12 months per study phase.
    PROMOS The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) provides funds to finance shorter stays abroad for German students within the framework of the PROMOS mobility programme. In principle, study-related projects can be funded worldwide. The maximum funding period within a study period (bachelor's, master's, etc.) is six months.

    The amount of the scholarship depends on the scholarship rate of the country as well as on the approved length of the stay and ranges between 1000€ and 1500€ per student and stay. A combination with the German scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium) is possible.

    Conditions for a PROMOS grant
    • It is a study stay (duration: 1 semester or 1 term) for the purpose of attending courses at the partner university of the IRC. Participants in the PROMOS programme must earn 18-30 ECTS at the host university and, in the best case, have all courses credited at the WWU.
    • The host institution is a partner university in a non-European country.
    • You have applied for the partner university on the IRC, have already received a confirmation from the IRC and do not receive Erasmus or Swiss European Mobility funding.
    • Students who have not been supported by a scholarship previously will be given priority in the allocation process.
    • A combination with the German scholarship is possible
    Scholarships for study visits to each faculty’s partner universities are provided from the faculty's own PROMOS budget. Scholarships for study visits within the framework of university partnerships are financed by the PROMOS budget of the central International Office.
    Applications are made centrally via the International Office of the University of Münster. You can find detailed information on the call for applications here.
    Foreign BAföG Like domestic BAföG, foreign BAföG also depends on the financial circumstances of the parents of the applicant. However, more generous assessment limits apply here, so that you can receive foreign BAföG even if you are not entitled to receive domestic BAföG. You must meet the following requirements in order to apply:
    • You must have studied in Germany for at least one year (this requirement does not apply to exchange programmes).
    • The duration of your studies at the target university must be at least three months if you go abroad as an intern or within the framework of an exchange programme, and at least six months if you organise your studies abroad independently.
    • You must be able to provide evidence of sufficient knowledge of the national language or language of instruction.

    International supplements for countries within and outside the EU

    For stays in EU countries, tuition fees (up to 4600€), travel expenses (250€) and health insurance are subsidised.

    For a stay abroad in countries outside the EU, the domestic BAföG is topped up by a foreign allowance which, depending on the destination country, amounts to between 60€ and 450€ and does not have to be paid back. In addition, tuition fees of up to 4600€ for one year are reimbursed, and a travel allowance (500€) is paid, as well as a subsidy for any necessary international health insurance.

    The application process

    For each destination country, a specific BAföG office in Germany is responsible for your application for international BAföG. If you want to make sure that the grant is available to you from the first month abroad, you must apply for “Auslands-BAföG” no later than six months before your stay abroad begins. However, since you often do not have all the documents required for the application six months before the beginning of your stay abroad, this is often not feasible. Therefore, you can submit the application at shorter notice, but then you will receive the grant later due to a rather long processing time. You can find further information on the BAföG office pages.

    DAAD One-Year Scholarships

    The largest institution in Germany for awarding scholarships abroad is the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The DAAD is a joint institution of German universities and promotes international relations in the academic field through the exchange of students and scientists and through international programmes and projects. On the DAAD website, you will also find a scholarship database.

    The best-known scholarships for German students are the one-year scholarships. In addition, there is a variety of special programmes, depending on subject, academic qualification and target country. An overview of all DAAD scholarships can be found in the annual brochure "Study, Research, Teaching Abroad. Funding opportunities for Germans". This brochure is available free of charge from the International Office of the WWU or can be downloaded here.

    Scholarships are awarded based on personal suitability and academic achievement, and are mainly financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). To ensure that your DAAD application has a chance of success, you should be able to present strong academic performance and a high-quality presentation of your study project and your personal motivation. You can compensate for weaker academic performance by preparing your study project particularly carefully and coherently. Social and socio-political commitment are also important factors when applying.

    You can find more information on the "studying aborad" section of the DAAD's website.

    WWU Scholarships

    Fulbright Scholarship for studies in the USA

    Among other things, the Fulbright Commission awards full, partial and travel scholarships to German bachelor and master students for study visits to the USA, as well as scholarships for doctoral students for research stays in the USA. The Fulbright scholarships are open to students of all faculties, but there are restrictions or special conditions for the Master of Business Administration, among others. Application documents must be submitted online and in paper form. Students who are enrolled at the WWU at the time of application should submit their application to the International Office, for the attention of Petra Hille. Graduates and applicants who are studying abroad and are no longer enrolled at the WWU should send their applications directly to the Fulbright Commission in Berlin. Application information and documents are available on the Fulbright Commission's website.

    The application phase for the academic year 2022/2023 is expected to begin in mid-May 2021. Further information on application is available here.

    Student research projects

    The support programme "Student Research Projects" offers students the opportunity to carry out own research projects during their studies!

    This could be a research stay at another institute in Germany or abroad. It could also be an independently organized scientific events such as conferences or summer schools. The Rectorate of the WWU provides up to 5000€ for individual projects. It is important that your projects are distinguished from final theses and other academic achievements.

    Applications are open to enrolled students of all courses of study at the WWU who have not yet reached the age of 28.
    The next deadline for applications is 28.08.2020. Further information is available here.

    Scholarships of the Brazil Centre

    Within the framework of the wwu.usp project, the Brazil Center once again offers two scholarships each for undergraduate and graduate students of all faculties of the WWU. The support will be used to carry out bachelor's/master's or research projects at the University of São Paulo. The maximum duration of stay is three months. Further information can be found on the website of the Brazil Center.

    Further Scholarships

    ERP and McCLOY scholarships for studying in the USA (German National Academic Foundation)

    The aim of both programmes is to strengthen transatlantic understanding and to encourage highly qualified young professionals to work in the public sector. The programmes are financed by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy from funds of the ERP Special Fund. While McCloy Scholarship Program sponsors master's projects at the Harvard Kennedy School, the ERP Program supports study and research projects at all top US universities. Both programmes are aimed at excellent graduates of all subjects who hold at least a bachelor's degree. Financial support in both scholarship programmes includes the following benefits:

    • Admission to the German National Academic Foundation
    • Monthly Living Scholarship: 1900 USD
    • Tuition fees: ERP max. 25000 USD per academic year; McCloy complete takeover
    • Travel allowance: 1000 USD
    • One-time entry fee: 500 USD

    Once a year a meeting is held in Washington D.C. for the students in both programmes.
    The application deadlines are 1st October (ERP) and 1st November (McCloy) of each year.

    China Scholarship Programme (German National Academic Foundation, Alfried Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach Foundation)

    The China Scholarship Programme offers 10 students the opportunity to acquire a profound knowledge of the Chinese language and society as well as university and scientific landscape during a one-year language and study stay.
    Scholarship benefits:

    • Two preparatory language courses (University of Trier)
    • Preparation fee: 1000€
    • Monthly living allowance: €1000
    • Mobility allowance: €1000
    • Travel allowance (to and from China): €1420
    • Admission to the German National Academic Foundation + monthly flat rate for study costs (300€)
    • Payment of tuition fees (Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China)

    Interested candidates can apply until 30th April each year for a scholarship in China beginning in September of the following year (1.5-year lead time). Further information can be found here.

    Rhodes Scholarship

    Every year two scholarships are awarded by the Rhodes Trust, which enable students with above-average performance and versatile commitment to pursue a further course of study (master or doctorate) at Oxford University. The scholarship covers all tuition fees and living expenses for all one to three year courses at the university.

    Applications for the start of studies in October 2021 can be submitted until 30th September 2020. Further information on application can be found here.

    "Experience Japan" 2020

    The Japan programme of the study centre for German Japanese culture exchange in NRW e. V. is provided in cooperation with the foundation "Studienfonds Düsseldorf - Japan" and offers insights into Japanese culture and economy. During the four-week study programme, scholarship holders get to know Japan, its working world and way of life through a short internship in Tokyo and a study trip through Japanese cities. Despite the scholarship, students are required to make a financial contribution of 850€ (plus additional costs on site).

    The application deadline is the end of September 2020, the stay in Japan will take place in March 2021. Further information about the scholarship can be found here.

    PhD Scholarships

    Doctoral scholarship of the GOstralia! Research Centres

    In cooperation with seven renowned universities in Australia, the GOstralia! Research Centre offers 16 exclusive doctoral scholarships. The full scholarships cover the tuition fees for the complete three-year doctoral studies in Australia as well as health insurance and living expenses. You can start your studies either in 2020 or 2021. Further information can be found here.

    Scholarship for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Students for Research in Japan

    In cooperation with the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), the programme aims to enable highly qualified young German researchers and doctoral candidates to spend a short research period at universities and selected research institutions in Japan.

    Applications are open to postdoctoral and doctoral students of all disciplines.

    • Scholarship duration: 1-6 months (postdocs), 1-12 months (doctoral students)
    • Monthly scholarship rate: approx. 362000 Yen (postdocs), approx. 200000 Yen (doctoral students)
    • Cost absorption of flight tickets & travel health insurance
    • Starting grant: approx. 200000 Yen for stays of 3 months or longer

    An application for the period 1st April 2021 to 30th June 2021 is possible until 1st September 2020. An application for the period 1st July 2021 to 30th September 2021 is possible until 4th January 2021. For further information on application, please click here.

    Addison Wheeler Fellowship

    The Addison Wheeler Fellowship at Durham University (UK) is aimed at top-class researchers who have already completed their PhD thesis at the time of application. Original ideas can be pursued during a research period of three years without teaching or administrative duties. Scholarship holders help to build international networks of researchers with a shared passion for today's most important research challenges.

    Applications for the start of studies in October 2020 were possible until February 7, 2020. Further information on application can be found here.

  • Field reports

    Would you like to study  abroad?
    You are still undecided?
    Would you like to know how others have fared?

    Then read a few testimonials!

  • Summer & Winter Schools

    You would like to go abroad, but not for a whole semester? Then a Summer/Winter School is just perfect for you!
    Summer or Winter schools usually take place in the months July-August and January-February, occasionally also in June, September or December.

    The application has to be addressed directly to the partner university. Please pay attention to the application deadlines and the tuition fees!


    "Byond" - School of Management, Fudan University

    Further information: here.

    EUROPE ITALY University of Trento, Winter School
  • Trade fair "Ways abroad"

    Information fair on study and practical experience abroad

    The fair "Ways to go abroad - information on studying and working abroad" is organized by the International Relations Center and the International Student Service of the Faculty of Economic Sciences every year at the beginning of the winter semester. The trade fair language is German.

    It offers information about study and practice stays abroad and is thus aimed at all interested students of the WWU. In addition to lectures on semesters and internships abroad, the fair offers a forum to establish contact with students who have already spent a semester at a foreign partner university. Students from partner universities who are currently spending a semester in Münster will also be present and can provide information about their respective home universities. Furthermore, representatives of university institutions, the faculty, and student organisations will be present and will be able to answer questions concerning a stay abroad.

    Students who are interested in representing their former host university and in sharing their experiences regarding their stay abroad with interested students are asked to contact Larisa Bartels.

  • Exchange Dalian University of Technology (DUT)

    Founded in 1949, DUT is a state university of the People's Republic of China with over 40,000 students and about 4000 academic staff. As one of the best universities in China, DUT is one of the universities of Project 211 as well as Project 985 and enjoys an excellent reputation in the field of chemistry and business administration. For many years, DUT has attached great importance to internationalization and has now established cooperation with 252 universities and research institutions in 35 countries and regions.

    School of Economics and Management of DUT (SMDUT)

    • Founded in 1980
    • One of the top 6 business schools in China
    • Accredited by AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System)

    The exchange program

    Since 2009, there has been an exchange program between the Institute of Economic Chemistry at WWU Münster and SMDUT. Due to its success, the exchange program moved to the organizational supervision of the International Relations Center (IRC) of the Faculty of Economic Sciences in 2013.

    Usually, the program takes place once a year in the summer semester (from the beginning of March to mid-July). The maximum number of participants is 6.

    Contents of the program

    • Examples of management courses of the International MBA Program (English, 24-30 h each)
      • Advanced Management
      • Management of Technology
      • Services Marketing
      • Tourism Ethics
      • Data Mining and Business Intelligence
      • Advanced Machine Learning
      • Knowledge Engineering and Management
      • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
      • Electronic Commerce
      • Topics on Chinese Economy Development
    • Chinese language course (free of charge, approx. 10h/w)

    • 汉语教程-Chinese Course
    • 汉语听力-Listening
    • 汉字读写-Reading and Writing
    • 汉语口语-Speaking


    Since 2020, the exchange program is supported by the "Sino-European Scholarship Program" of the Chinese Ministry of Education. All exchange students* from Münster receive a monthly support of ¥3000 (approx. 380€) for their stay at the DUT.

    Life in Dalian

    • Accommodation: Single or two-bed rooms with private bathroom, TV and internet connection in the dormitory on campus; canteen, kiosk, sports facility and library available nearby
    • Leisure facilities: a large number of excursion destinations (e.g. parks, hiking trails, museums, beach) and shopping opportunities (Chinese-oriented: e.g. traditional markets and shopping arcades; international: e.g. Western brand stores in the city or metro)
    • Cost:
      - One-time expenses: approx.100€ for enrollment fee and health insurance.
      - Living expenses: 200-300€ per month
      - Accommodation: free for two-bed room, single room for extra charge (about 50€ per month)
    • How do I get money in Dalian? Several German banks offer free cash withdrawals with a credit card; there are cooperation agreements with Chinese banks; ATMs of the cooperation partners can be found throughout the city, also on campus, and can be used without any problems (English-speaking service).

    Information on the internal application

    • Application period for summer semester 2022: 02.08.2021-09.09.2021
    • Documents: curriculum vitae (English), current overview of grades, study plans and letter of motivation (English).
    • Supplementary documents: Testimonials (internships, education, jobs), certificates (languages, continuing education), or other relevant documents.
    • By mail: Xixue Lou

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