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Expert Seminars

02. - 05.07.2018
Prof. Dr. Jitendra Bera

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpu, India
02.07.2018, 09:00 am (W428)
"Water as a Reagent in Organometallic Catalysis: Hydration, Oxidation and Hydrogenation"

04.07.2018, 03:15 pm (W428)
"Acceptor-less and Oxidant-free Dehydrogenation of Alcohols and Amines: Metal-Ligand Cooperation Strategies"

05.07.2018, 03:15 pm (W428)
"(Annulated) NHC Ligands for Metal-Catalyzed Oxidation Reactions"

13. - 15.11.2017
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Ya. Lee

University of Tsukub, Japan

13.11.2017, 11:15 am s. t. (W428)
"Novel Organosilicon and Organogermanium Clusters: Bicyclo[1.1.0]butanes"

14.11.2017, 11:15 am s. t. (W427)

15.11.2017, 1:00 pm s. t. (W043)
"Towards the Silicon/Germanium Versions of Metathesis: Making M=C (M=Si/Ge) Bonds"

26. - 28.06.2017
Prof. Dr. Shigeki Kuwata

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokio, Japan

26.06.2017, 1:00 pm s. t. (W428)
"Bioinspired metal-ligand bifunctional complexes and their applications"

27.06.2017, 10:00 am s. t. (W428)
"Protic NHC complexes"

28.06.2017, 1:00 pm s. t. (W427)
"Dinitrogen fixation with coordination compounds"

21. - 24.11.2016
Prof. Dr. Partha S. Mukherjee

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

22.11.2016, 1:00 pm s. t. (W043)
"Supramolecular Coordinatin - An introduction"

23.11.2016, 10:00 am s. t. (W327)
"Chemical reactions in confined nanospace"

24.11.2016, 3:00 pm s. t. (W427)
"Molecular marriage and use of coordination cages in sensing"

19. - 21.04.2016
Prof. Dr. Michael G. Organ

York University, Toronto, Canada

19.04.2016, 5:00 pm c. t. (C2)
"Catalyst Reactivity and Selectivity in Cross-Coupling: Are They Always at Odds With Each Other?"

20.04.2016, 1:00 pm c. t. (A1)
"AIBN-Mediated Alkyne Hydrostannylation: It’s Not As Radical As You Think!"

21.04.2016, 1:00 pm c. t. (A1)
"To Flow, Or Not To Flow"

15. + 19.01.2016
Prof. Dr. Petr Štěpnička

Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

15.01.2016, 10:00 am c. t. (O1)
"Coordination and catalytic chemistry of phosphinoferrocene carboxamides"

19.01.2016, 5:00 pm c. t. (C2)
"The Dawn of Organometallic Chemistry"

27. - 29.05.2015
Prof. Dr. Didier Bourissou
Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse III, France

"Reactivity of the Coinage Metals beyond Electrophilic Activation of pi-Systems: It is all a Question of Ligand Design"

"Phosphine-Boranes and Related Ambiphilic Compounds: Unusual Structures and Synthetic Applications"

"Tailor-made Biodegradable Polymers: from their Preparation via New Catalytic Approaches, to their Application in Drug Delivery Systems"

02. - 04.02.2015
Prof. Dr. Eduardo Peris
Universität Jaume I, Castellón

"Heterometallic complexes with triazole-di-ylidenes and heterometallic complexes. Tandem catalysis and hydrodefluorination"

"Polymetallic complexes with rigid polyaromatic ligands as improved homogeneous catalysts"

"π-Stacing in catalysis. Cages, cavitands and capsules"

26. - 28.11.2014
Asc. Prof. Dr. Catherine S. J. Cazin and Prof. Steven P. Nolan
University of St. Andrews, UK

Prof. Steven P. Nolan
"Prospecting with Gold: Gold-N-Heterocyclic Carbene Mediated Catalysis"

Asc. Prof. Dr. Catherine S. J. Cazin
"Tandem processes in the reduction of C-C multiple bonds: NH3BH3 and HCOOH as green alternatives to H2"

Prof. Steven P. Nolan
"Serendipity in Late Transition Metal-NHC-Catalyst Development"

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