• Participation in “Cells in Motion”

    • Management Board member of the CiM-IMPRS Graduate Programme
    • Research interests: biomaterials, synthetic hydrogels, cell-matrix interactions, cellular mechanotransduction, 3D organotypic cell culture models
    • Project FF-2017-21 – Analysis of the cytoskeleton in controlling endoglin-dependent endothelial cell shape changes in response to mechanical forces (Arndt Siekmann, Britta Trappmann; project time: 11/2017 - 12/2018)
    • Project FF-2017-04: A biomimetic platform mimicking the implantation niche of mouse embryos (Ivan Bedzhov, Britta Trappmann, Project time: 11/2017 - 12/2018)

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    Govindasamy N, Long H, Jeong H-W, Raman R, Ozcifci B, Probst S, Arnold SJ, Riehemann K, Ranga A, Adams RH, Trappmann B, Bedzhov I. 3D biomimetic platform reveals the first interactions of the embryo and the maternal blood vessels. Dev Cell 2021Abstract
    Liu J, Long H, Zeuschner D, Rader AFB, Polacheck WJ, Kessler H, Sorokin L, Trappmann B. Synthetic extracellular matrices with tailored adhesiveness and degradability support lumen formation during angiogenic sprouting. Nat Commun 2021;12: 3402. Abstract


    Begemann I, Saha T, Lamparter L, Rathmann I, Grill D, Golbach L, Rasch C, Keller U, Trappmann B, Matis M, Gerke V, Klingauf J, Galic M. Mechanochemical self-organization determines search pattern in migratory cells. Nat. Phys. 2019;15: 848-857. Abstract


    Kato K, Dieguez-Hurtado R, Park DY, Hong SP, Kato-Azuma S, Adams S, Stehling M, Trappmann B, Wrana JL, Koh GY, Adams RH. Pulmonary pericytes regulate lung morphogenesis. Nat Commun 2018;9: 2448. Abstract