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    • Research interests: cell-matrix interactions, leukocyte extravasation, blood vessels, secondary lymphoid organs
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    • Supervisor in the CiM-IMPRS Graduate Programme
    • Member of the Imaging Network – Microscopy
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  • Papers in the research focus “cell dynamics and imaging”


    Carmona-Rodriguez L, Martinez-Rey D, Martin-Gonzalez P, Franch M, Sorokin L, Mira E, Manes S. Superoxide Dismutase-3 Downregulates Laminin alpha5 Expression in Tumor Endothelial Cells via the Inhibition of Nuclear Factor Kappa B Signaling. Cancers (Basel) 2022;14Abstract
    Jeong H-W, Dieguez-Hurtado R, Arf H, Song J, Park H, Kruse K, Sorokin L, Adams RH. Single-cell transcriptomics reveals functionally specialized vascular endothelium in brain. Elife 2022;11Abstract
    Kim EJY, Sorokin L, Hiiragi T. ECM-integrin signalling instructs cellular position sensing to pattern the early mouse embryo. Development 2022;149Abstract


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    Korpos E, Kadri N, Loismann S, Findeisen CR, Arfuso F, Burke GW 3rd, Richardson SJ, Morgan NG, Bogdani M, Pugliese A, Sorokin L. Identification and characterisation of tertiary lymphoid organs in human type 1 diabetes. Diabetologia 2021;64: 1626-1641. Abstract
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    Zhang X, Wang Y, Song J, Gerwien H, Chuquisana O, Chashchina A, Denz C, Sorokin L. The endothelial basement membrane acts as a checkpoint for entry of pathogenic T cells into the brain. J Exp Med 2020;217: e20191339. Abstract


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    Volz J, Mammadova-Bach E, Gil-Pulido J, Nandigama R, Remer K, Sorokin L, Zernecke A, Abrams SI, Ergun S, Henke E, Nieswandt B. Inhibition of platelet GPVI induces intratumor hemorrhage and increases efficacy of chemotherapy in mice. Blood 2019;133: 2696-2706. Abstract


    Beutel B, Song J, Konken CP, Korpos E, Schinor B, Gerwien H, Vidyadharan R, Burmeister M, Li L, Haufe G, Sorokin L. New in Vivo Compatible Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP)-2 and MMP-9 Inhibitors. Bioconjug Chem 2018;29: 3715-3725. Abstract
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