• Participation in “Cells in Motion”

    • Research interests: matrix-dependent morphogen release and transport, in vivo visualization of dynamic matrix biosynthesis, “pre-patterning” and turnover, development of matrix-modification-specific and morphogen-specific nanobodies for in vivo visualization of matrix modifications and morphogen gradients, plasma membrane cholesterol-dependent cellular patterning, morphogen-regulated cellular compartmentalization
    • Projekt FF-2015-02 – In vitro and in vivo investigations of lipid-based signaling mechanisms (Milos Galic, Kay Grobe, project time: 07/2015 - 06/2016)

  • Papers in the research focus “cell dynamics and imaging”

    selected papers by Kay Grobe


    Schuermann S, Steffes G, Manikowski D, Kastl P, Malkus U, Bandari S, Ohlig S, Ortmann C, Rebollido-Rios R, Otto M, Nusse H, Hoffmann D, Klambt C, Galic M, Klingauf J, Grobe K. Proteolytic processing of palmitoylated Hedgehog peptides specifies the 3-4 intervein region of the Drosophila wing. Elife 2018;7: e33033. Abstract


    Jakobs P, Schulz P, Ortmann C, Schurmann S, Exner S, Rebollido-Rios R, Dreier R, Seidler DG, Grobe K. Bridging the gap: heparan sulfate and Scube2 assemble Sonic hedgehog release complexes at the surface of producing cells. Sci Rep 2016;6: 26435. Abstract


    Ortmann C, Pickhinke U, Exner S, Ohlig S, Lawrence R, Jboor H, Dreier R, Grobe K. Sonic hedgehog processing and release are regulated by glypican heparan sulfate proteoglycans. J Cell Sci 2015;128: 2374-2385. Abstract


    Xu Y, Pektor S, Balkow S, Hemkemeyer SA, Liu Z, Grobe K, Hanley PJ, Shen L, Bros M, Schmidt T, Bahler M, Grabbe S. Dendritic cell motility and T cell activation requires regulation of Rho-cofilin signaling by the Rho-GTPase activating protein myosin IXb. J Immunol 2014;192: 3559-3568. Abstract