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CiM Principal Investigator
Scientific Steering Committee Member
Gender and Diversity Committee Member
CiM-IMPRS Graduate School Member

  • Research Area A.1: Cellular Polarization and Changes in Cell Shape
  • Research Area B.2: Regulation of Vascular Permeability and Leukocyte Extravasation
  • Project FF-2014-09: The impact of cellular and tissue viscoelasticity on cell migration and morphogenesis (Cornelia Denz, Erez Raz, project time: 07/2014 - 06/2016)
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“I want to tailor light in all its features into novel applications“

Cornelia Denz sculpts light and exploits it, for example, to investigate cells in living organisms, or to understand cell dynamics and migration in the inner cell. She is able to tailor light to tackle and answer many actual research challenges in cell science and nanotechnology - and most of all she would like to develop more applications using advanced structured light. Read the interview

CiM Papers

all papers by Cornelia Denz


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