Science on the Christmas tree

Looking like snow-covered foliage, these blood vessels in a mouse’s brain branch off finely in healthy tissue but coarsely in tumour tissue, which then lights up green when lacking oxygen. To investigate the relationship between the vascular structures and oxygen levels, huge image data sets were analysed to extract 3D visualisations of microscopic layers using specially tailored algorithms. Volume rendering based on light sheet microscopy.
© Uni MS/CiM - Daniel Beckmann, Nadine Bauer, Raghu Erapaneedi, Friedemann Kiefer, Benjamin Risse

Every year our glittery Christmas ball gives insight into the inner workings of cells and organisms. Using imaging techniques, scientists make structures and processes that are normally hidden from the human eye visible and investigate how cells behave within organisms.

We wish you lots of fun with the science behind the image and our templates for your decorations. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2023!

Text: Doris Niederhoff, Julie Davies
Graphic design: Nina Knubel