Video: A career as a clinician scientist

The video is in German with English subtitles available!

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Medical progress needs physicians who are active in both patient care and research. In the video, three physicians and a natural scientist talk about the specific role of these so-called clinician scientists in medical research, the joy of the profession and what is important if you want to pursue this challenging path.

The people in the video (clockwise from top left):

  • Prof Michael Schäfers, physician and scientist in nuclear medicine, Münster, Germany
  • Prof Luisa Klotz, physician and scientist in neurology, Münster, Germany
  • Prof Richard Stange, physician and scientist in trauma surgery, Münster, Germany
  • Prof Petra Dersch, microbiologist, Münster, Germany


Video production: Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre – Science Communication, Doris Niederhoff