Science on the Christmas tree

Shining like a star: cells enclosing an egg cell. Scientists investigate how cells form contacts at their membranes (pink) that regulate the transport of substances through cell layers. Here, the connections between three cells are opening, allowing yolk-forming proteins to move through the gaps between cells (green) into the egg. Cells from the ovary of a fruit fly, confocal fluorescence microscopy.
© CiM / Jone Isasti Sanchez, Stefan Luschnig

Every year, and online now for the first time, our glittery “Christmas ball” gives insight into the inner workings of cells and organisms. Using imaging techniques, scientists make processes that are normally hidden from the human eye visible and investigate how cells behave within organisms.

Here you will find our decorations for printing and crafting. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2021!

Text: Doris Niederhoff
Graphic design: Nina Knubel