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Musicologist, singer and choir conductor of Byzantine music Dr. Ioannis Papachristopoulos will hold a two-day workshop at CMO. The workshop aims to introduce the fundamentals of Chrysanthine-notation.
In the early 19th century, at the initiative of Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Chrysanthos of Madytos reformed the teaching methods of Greek church music. Main subject matter of the workshop will be the new notation system that replaced the former stenographic notation after this reform. Key principles of the musical system, features of musical formation and organization, theoretical premises, esthetic values and technical characteristics of composition in Greek church music will be also taken into account, as long as time allows.

Date and time:
23.02.2018, 14:00 (s.t.)-17:30
24.02.2018, 10:00 (s.t.)-13:30

CMO Building, Philippistr. 3, 48149 Münster, Room 02

Participation is free of charge but advanced registration is required due to the limited number of places. To register, please send an email to until 19.02.

You can download the poster of the event here: Poster

| | Lecture

Music Production in the 14th Century Jalayirid and Timurid Courts: The Life and Legacy of Abd al-Qadir Maraghi

Dr. Zeynep Yıldız Abbasoğlu (Leiden Universtiy Institute for Area Studies: Asia & the Middle East) will hold a lecture about »Music Production in the 14th Century Jalayirids and Timurid Courts: The Life and Legacy of Abd al-Qadir Maraghi«

The lecture will beginn at 18:00 s.t. and will take place in Room 2 of the CMO building at Philippistr. 3, 48149 Münster.

»This lecture offers a look into the musical life of the period in terms of political culture, music patronage, music circles and interaction between various cultures. The cultural identity of the Ottoman intellectual life, inherited from the previous Turco-Persian world, will be evaluated through the legacy of the master musician of the courts of Jalayirids and Timurids.«


CMO participates in international symposium in Istanbul

Research Institute of Turkology at Istanbul University, one of CMO’s cooperation partners, organized an international symposium on “Hüseyin Sadettin Arel and Turkish Music” on 13.-14.12.2017 in Istanbul in collaboration with Atatürk Culture Centre (part of T.R. Atatürk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History). Arel Collection at Institute’s library was one of the major focuses of the event. With kind permission of Istanbul University, CMO is currently editing several manuscripts from this collection. Following the kind invitation of Institute’s Director Prof. Dr. Fikret Turan, Prof. Dr. Ralf Martin Jäger and Dr. Jacob Olley presented papers concerning the significance and the content of this collection. Several members of CMO Academic Advisory Board, namely Prof. Rûhî Ayangil, Prof. Dr. Nilgün Doğrusöz-Dişiaçık and Prof. Songül Karahasanoğlu participated in and partly co-organized this event.

You can download the complete program of the symposium here: Programm
Research Institute for Turkology also published some photos of the event on their homepage.

| | Visiting Researcher

Research on the ritual music of Mevlevi lodges

Scholar and percussionist Osman Öksüzoğlu, PhD, will conduct a comparative research on ritual and music in Mevlevi lodges in Turkey and Germany as a guest at CMO. Öksüzoğlu arrived in Germany to organize and carry out field research in Germany in November 2017. Funded by TÜBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), the one-year-long project aims not only to shed light on the (ethno)musicological aspect of the subject, but also to contribute to a better understanding of the ways people adapt ritualized forms of religion to suit their immediate socio-cultural setting

| | Workshop

Ottoman Music: Theory, Notation, Performance

On 24th October at 16:00 (s.t.!) Prof. Dr. Nilgün Doğrusöz-Dişiaçık (İstanbul Technical University Turkish Music Conservatory) will give a workshop on music theory, notation and performance practice in Ottoman music. The event will take place in Room 2 of the CMO building at Philippistr. 3, 48149 Münster.

Contact and Information:

| | Concert

CMO on the stage

CMO held an informative concert within the framework of Cusanuswerk’s vacation academy "SLM. Peace, Devotion, Submission. An approach to Islam" on 30.08.2017 at Franz-Hitze-Haus (Münster). The program included, among others, compositions edited as a part of the project. The performing ensemble consisted of guest musicians Muharrem Cenker (short-necked lute ud) and Osman Öksüzoğlu (percussion), as well as CMO members Salah Eddin Maraqa (box zither kanun) and Jacob Olley (rim-blown flute ney). Prof. Dr. Ralf Martin Jäger informed the audience about the cultural and musical background and answered numerous questions at the end of the performance. Participants of the vacation academy showed a great interest in the concert and received the program with enthusiasm.

You can find a selection of audio and video recordings, and pictures from the event in the “Media” section.

| | bereavement

We mourn the loss of our esteemed colleague Prof. Ş. Şehvar Beşiroğlu

It is with great sadness that we report that our colleague Prof. Ş. Şehvar Beşiroğlu passed away on 26 May, 2017. Prof. Beşiroğlu was a valued member of the academic advisory board of Corpus Musicae Ottomanicae, as well as a respected scholar, musician and teacher. The CMO team deeply regret the untimely passing of a beloved colleague and friend. We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to her family, friends, students and colleagues.

Born in 1965, Prof. Beşiroğlu studied kânûn (plucked zither) at the Conservatory for Turkish Music at Istanbul Technical University (TMDK). Following her graduate and postgraduate studies in Turkish music at the same university, she conducted postdoctoral research in Ottoman history and music at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University. Beginning in 1986, she taught classes at Istanbul Technical University in kânûn performance, systematic musicology, organology, ethnomusicology, modal (makâm) theory, history of Ottoman–Turkish music, music and gender, and music in Mediterranean cultures. Alongside her academic activities, she filled a number of important administrative posts at the same institution, including: Vice Director of TMDK; Chair of Musicology; member of the Executive Board at the Center for Advanced Music Research (MİAM – Dr. Erol Üçer Müzik İleri Araştırmalar Merkezi); and Head and Coordinator of the Department of Postgraduate Studies in Musicology and Music Theory. She became the Director of MİAM in 2012. As an expert performer of kânûn and çeng (harp), Prof. Beşiroğlu participated in numerous musical projects, including the Eurasia Ensemble, Romeiko Ensemble, Hattusha Ensemble and İzmir Baroque. She was the founder and director of the Kantemir Ensemble.

As an influential and highly active researcher and performer of Ottoman–Turkish music, her absence will be keenly felt by countless scholars, performers and listeners. Our thoughts and sympathies are with her family at this difficult time.

| | Publication
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Rhythmic Cycles and Structures in the Art Music of the Middle East

Proceedings of the international conference on Rhythmic Cycles and Structures in the Art Music of the Middle East (programme) has been published with the participation of several members of the CMO staff.
For details: Publications
See the volume and the list of contents on publisher’s website.

| | Workshop

CMO Events in Istanbul

On 06 and 07 March 2017, CMO realized an event consisting of a specialized workshop and presentations for the wider scholarly audience.
See also: Media.

| | GND

CMO’s contribution to the ”Integrated Authority File”

Data on individuals from the Ottoman Empire, especially musicians and poets, accumulated in the course of the project are now incorporated into the “Integrated Authority File” (Gemeinsame Normdatei – GND). Through the entry of these data, CMO contributes to updating and expanding the integrated authority file.
GND is a directory of standardized information on persons, corporate bodies, conferences, geographical terms, subject headings and work titles, managed by the German National Library and used by all German-speaking library networks, Union Catalogue of Serials (Zeitschriftendatenbank – ZDB) and by many other institutions. They serve as a resource for cataloguing in libraries and are increasingly used by archives, museums, projects and web applications.
Revised and new information on over 300 persons provided by CMO is an important step towards standardization and adaptation of research data in the field of Ottoman music and culture, which can facilitate web-based searches through inclusion of deviating names, thus enabling new search possibilities based on the standardized data.
CMO will continue providing newly accumulated data on relevant persons during the course of the project.

| | Lecture

Forum Musicology Münster

Dr. Salah E. Maraqa: "Die Unterhaltungskultur im Paris des 19. Jh. in den Augen arabischer Reisender"
Tuesday 13th December 2016. Begin: 18:00 s.t.
Bibliotheksraum II (EG rechts), Philippistr. 2b, 48149 Münster.

“Numerous Arab travellers visited Europe in the nineteenth century under various circumstances. Paris was by far the most popular destination, which was considered ‘the capital of the nineteenth century’ by Europeans as well as Arabs. Many of these travellers put their experiences and impressions into writing. This lecture focuses on a selection of representative testimonies of Arab travellers on different types of entertainment of the nineteenth-century Paris. These testimonies are of considerable importance for the research on the Arabic culture itself in the nineteenth century, as well. They reveal the perception of Western culture prevalent in the Arab world in this time period and they contribute significantly to illuminate processes of cultural transfer, change and westernization.”

| | Inauguration MAMO

Inauguration of the Münster Archive of Oriental Music (MAMO)

Inauguration of the Münster Archive of Oriental Music (MAMO) will be celebrated with a ceremony on Thursday, October 27, 2016, at 18.00 (s.t.) in the gallery of the ULB Münster (Krummer Timpen 3, 48143 Münster). Director of the archive, Dr. Salah Eddin Maraqa cordially invites the interested public to this event.

MAMO is a cooperation project between the WWU Department of Musicology and the University and State Library Münster (ULB). The archive provides access to a significant collection of digitized sources for music and music theory of the Middle East for scholarly studies.

To participate, please register until 20.10.2016 at


“People’s award” for Anna Plaksin’s poster presentation!

CMO team member Anna Plaksin (Bonn) received "People’s award" for the best poster presentation at the “Edirom User Forum” with her presentation on CMO project. You can download the award-winning poster here.

Edirom User Forum is a poster session open for the users of Edirom tools and interested public from the field of digital music edition. The session takes place annually as part of the Edirom Summer School (ESS), which is organized by the Virtueller Forschungsverbund Edirom (“Virtual Research Network Edirom”) at the Department of Musicology Detmold/Paderborn, since 2009. The Summer School is dedicated to conceptual and technical issues concerning digital editions. Main focus of this year’s forum was “approaches and possibilities of processing, preparation and presentation of digital edition data”.

Participating ‘digital’ musicologists have shown great interest in the presentation, not least due to the fundamental problem presented by the digital aspect of the CMO project: Representation of a non-European music system with digital tools developed exclusively for Western music, and the development of a coding system appropriate for Ottoman music as an extension to MEI. It became thus clear that the CMO editions can introduce a new approach not only in musicology and literature studies, but also in the field of digital humanities.

We congratulate our colleague sincerely and extend our thanks for her contribution as a bridge-builder!

| Lectures

An ethnomusicological colloquium is being organised by CMO on 6 July 2016, and is open to the general public. CMO research associates Ersin Mıhçı and Jacob Olley will give an insight to their current research, while also providing an opportunity for general discussion. The event will take place in Room 2 of the CMO building at Philippistr. 3, 48149 Münster. Lectures begin at 18.00. Admission is free.

Lecture titles are as follows:
Ersin Mıhçı: "Music and National Identity in the Nineteenth-Century Greek-Speaking World."
Jacob Olley: "Notational Reform and the Armenian Cultural Revival in Nineteenth-Century Istanbul."

| | News

RISM published a report on CMO

You can read about the review of Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM) in our Media Library or access the original text in German from the RISM Homepage.

| | Publication

List of standardized musical terms

A list of standardized musical terms that are relevant for the project, prepared by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kalpaklı and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cenk Güray, is available under Publications.

| | Homepage

The CMO Homepage is online!

The homepage of the CMO Project has been online in German since 3 March 2016.

| | Project launch

Project launch ceremony

You can download the program of the event here.