„Corpus Musicae Ottomanicae“

Radio feature about CMO on Deutschlandfunk (08.08.2018)

“Corpus Musicae Ottomanicae: Critical Editions of Near Eastern Music Manuscripts”

Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM) reported on CMO (04.04.2016)

Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM) published a short article about the CMO project on their website. Besides summarizing essentials on the content, the article gives an insight to the structure, methods and goals of the project. The reader is also informed about the body of source material in Hamparsum (Arm. Hampartsum) notation.



“Hidden Treasure: An international project on Near Eastern music manuscripts”

Radio feature about CMO on Deutschlandfunk (23.02.2016)

Public broadcasting station Deutschlandfunk covered CMO as one of the topics of the program “Musikjournal”. The program was “James Rhodes, Otello und György Kurtág”. The feature was written by Benedikt Schulz.

Due to copyright regulations, the audio recording of the feature is not available. However, we are able to publish the manuscript with kind permission of its author Mr. Schulz.

You can  the text (in German),  Manuscript

or visit the website of the program: Musikjournal (Deutschlandfunk).

“Research project about Ottoman music manuscripts – Music for the Sultan”

Feature about CMO on Southwest Broadcasting (SWR2) (05.02.2016)

In the music program “Cluster” on Southwest Broadcasting (SWR2), Simon Schomäcker reported about the CMO project.

Audio recording of the program is available on the website of SWR2 until 31.01.2017: SWR2 Media Libary

“Critical Editions of Near Eastern Music Manuscripts”

Article in Swiss Music Journal (18.11.2015)

Swiss Music Journal (Schweizer Musikzeitung) reported on CMO in an article with the title “Critical Editions of Near Eastern Music Manuscripts”. The article is available (in German) on their website: Article Edition vorderorientalischer Musikhandschriften

“New Horizons for Research on Eastern Mediterranean Music History”

Article by Prof. Dr. Ralf Martin Jäger published in Max Weber Foundation’s magazine Weltweit vor Ort

CMO director Prof. Dr. Ralf Martin Jäger wrote an article about the current state of research on East Mediterranean music cultures and related notation systems for Max Weber Foundation’s magazine Weltweit vor Ort (issue 02/15 with the main theme “Faith and Protest”, p. 48-9). Article addresses new impulses that the project is aiming to provide in this field and explains the essential role of Orient-Institute Istanbul in this process. 

All issues of Weltweit vor Ort (in German) are available on the Foundation’s website: Weltweit vor Ort

You can also download the current issue directly: Weltweit vor Ort 02/15, "Glaube und Protest"

“Intermezzo for the Research of Near Eastern Music – Strategic Partnership between Orient-Institute Istanbul and Münster Westfälische Wilhelms University”

Press release by Max Weber foundation (26.09.2013)

Orient-Institute Istanbul and University of Münster sealed an agreement for strategic partnership with a festive ceremony in Münster. The agreement aims to strengthen international collaboration, develop new interdisciplinary approaches and establish a research infrastructure to improve cooperation in related fields.

You can read the press release (in German) on the Foundation's website: »Intermezzo für die Forschung zur Musik des Vorderen Orients«

Or download it directly here: Press release Max Weber foundation