Join Professor Knick on his trip through the Botanical Garden

Expedition booklet for children - currently not available


With the new expedition booklet of the Botanical Garden, parents and grandparents can discover the garden on their own with their children and grandchildren.

The 40-page booklet encourages children to puzzle over and discover the plants in the Botanical Garden. With the support of parents, the booklet is suitable for children from about six years of age. Goals include to track down hidden plants in the tropical house or find out the name of a special plant during a garden Rally. While doing so, children simultaneously learn exciting details about various plants, such as the so-called carnivorous plants, with help from "Professor Knick", a fictitious botanist.

You also can use the booklet at home: some of the illustrations invite you to colour in and draw yourself. In addition, there is an explanation about  how children can easily grow an exotic plant at home.


The expedition booklet, developed by the designer Nadine Esche, is available for 2 € at the brochure dispenser in the Botanical Garden (at the Viktoriahouse). Please do not forget to bring a pen to fill it in!


The best time for this expedition is from the end of April until the beginning of October, when the plants are best developed and therefore easy to discover.

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More information, about the work of the designer of the expedition booklet:

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