Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang
- Biologiestudium: Freie Universität Berlin (1 Jahr Exeter University, UK)
- Promotion MPI für Immunbiologie/Universität Freiburg
- postdoctoral research associate: University of California, San Francisco
- Gruppenleiterin WWU Münster / MPI für Molekulare Biomedizin
- Juniorprofessorin für Zoologie an der WWU Münster (im MPI für Molekulare Biomedizin)


- Entwicklungsbiologie
- Molekulare Genetik
- Vaskuläre Biologie und Angiogenese


- Angiogenese im Zebrafisch
- Zebrafisch als Model für humane kardiovaskuläre Erkrankungen
- Endothelzellwanderung
- Rolle von Wnt-Signaltransduktion auf Endothelzellentwicklung und Barrierefunktion

Ausgewählte Projekte

-Generation of a functional vascular system is a highly regulated complex process, which is disturebed in a large number of human diseases, like cancer, ischemia or diabetes. We use zebrafisch mutants identified from a genetic screen to identify new genes regulating angiogenesis. Additionally we are identifying the downstream pathway components important for endothelial cell differentiation and migration by microarray and deep sequencing approaches, and consecutive in vivo analysis.
- To understand, vizualize and manipulate the endothelial cell migration in zebrafish embryos we are using and generating a number of transgenic zebrafish lines enabling us to follow (or influence) individual endothelial cells in the living animal (e.g. using confocal time laps imaging)
- Of the signaling pathways regulating angiogenesis, we are currently focussing on the role of canonical Wnt signaling. We are analyzing its influence on endothelial cell specification, migration and blood-brain barrier formation in the embryo as well as in blood-brain barrier function in the adult fish.

Please contact us for further information on individual projects in the lab.


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