Kick-off Meeting Genomic Basis of Evolutionary Innovations (GEvol) SPP (SPP 2349)


The new priority program "Genomic Basis of Evolutionary Innovations (GEvol)" SPP (SPP 2349) sponsored by DFG started in September 2022 with a kick-off meeting in the castle in Münster. Over three days, the more than 40 members of the 17 different funded projects had time to introduce their projects, get to know each other over finger food and wine, and talk about their planned research and possible collaborations.

The SPP is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Erich Bornberg-Bauer of the Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity.

The goal of the Priority Programme is to exploit new methods to reveal in the insect taxon the role of: coding vs. regulatory changes, transposable elements, epigenetic regulation, gene family evolution, copy number dynamics, structural genomic rearrangements etc. in trait evolution by using multiple cutting edge quantitative OMICs resources (e.g. genomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics).

It was a special pleasure to welcome Dr. Breitkreuz from the DFG and our guests Prof. Dr. Klaus Reinhold from Bielefeld University and Dr. Julien Dutheil from the MPI in Plön.