Frankfurt Skyline
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Regional Group Rhein-Main

Once every three months, the regional group Rhein-Main meets to establish and develop its contacts with all Münster University alumni in the region of South Hessen. Usually the meeting takes the form of the group visiting a museum or touring a firm, followed by a get together in a restaurant.

Events and activities organised by the regional group will be announced here. In addition the Alumni-Club Universität Münster will send e-mail invitations to the meetings of the Rhein-Main regional group to all members of the Alumni-Club, who live in the Rhein-Main area.

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Exhibition "Ostend - View into a Jewish Quarter"

On 11 October 2022, the Rhein-Main Regional Group was given a guided tour of the exhibition "Ostend - View into a Jewish Quarter" in the Hochbunker at Friedberger Anlage in Frankfurt. The group was allowed to get a picture of the life of the Jews in the east of Frankfurt by means of many pictures. A 3D simulation showed some of the synagogues destroyed in 1938.

During the traditional "Nachsitzung" (get together) there was an opportunity for discussions.

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Deutsche Flugsicherung in Langen

The Rhein-Main Regional Group of the Alumni-Club Universität Münster met on 26 November 2019, for a visit to Deutsche Flugsicherung (German Air Traffic Control) in Langen. A former air traffic controller presented the work of the controllers by means of a lecture and various films. At the traditional "Nachsitzung" (get together) there was an opportunity to exchange ideas and get to know each other.

The building of the atelier Goldstein
The Atelier Goldstein.
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Atelier Goldstein

The Rhein-Main Regional Group met on 4 June 2019 at the Atelier Goldstein of Lebenshilfe Frankfurt am Main e. V. The group got to know the idea of the studio and the fascinating work of the artists there. The traditional "Nachsitzung" (get together) took place at Apfelweinwirtschaft Wagner.

The interior design of the University and State Library of the TU Darmstadt.
The interior design of the University and State Library of the TU Darmstadt.
© Katrin Binner/TU Darmstadt

Presentation of Medieval Manuscripts

On 21 March 2019 the regional group met at the University and State Library Darmstadt. Dr. Silvia Uhlemann, Director of the Historical Collections, presented precious medieval manuscripts, some of which are 1,000 years old.

During the traditional "Nachsitzung" (get together) there was, as usual, time to get to know each other and to exchange ideas.

Alumni at the foyer of ECB.
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Großmarkthalle Frankfurt

The regional group met on 11 October 2018 in the Großmarkthalle in Frankfurt.  From 1928 to 2004, market operations took place here. Since 2014, the European Central Bank (ECB) has had its headquarters in the renovated building connected to the ECB Tower.

Dr. Konrad Elsässer, grandnephew of the architect Martin Elsaesser and member of the board of the Martin Elsaesser Foundation, guided the group through the building and reported on the work of the architect.

During the traditional "Nachsitzung" (get together) there was the opportunity for discussions and exchange in a relaxed atmosphere.

© PIA Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Foto: Tanja Schäfer

Mentor for young lawyers in Frankfurt

Attorney Dr. Thorsten Reinhard, alumnus of law (1st state examination 1995), is a partner in a large German commercial law firm in Frankfurt. He is happy to act as a mentor for young lawyers who are preparing to start their careers in Frankfurt or are looking for tips for their further career planning after they have joined the firm.

Your contact:

Dr. Thorsten Reinhard
Noerr LLP
Börsenstraße 1
Tel: +49 (0)69 971477251