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Group "International Research-Alumni"

The services of the group "International Research Alumni" are aimed at those who conducted research at the University of Münster in the past and have since continued their careers in another country. International research alumni can network with one another as part of the University’s Research Alumni Strategy (RE.AL), for which the University received an award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

As a member of the Research Alumni group, not only will you benefit from the wide range of services provided by the Alumni-Club Universität Münster, but also those of the Research Alumni Strategy – both abroad and during your stay in Münster.

With the expertise that you have, we would also be delighted to enlist your services as a mentor or an Ambassador and thereby strengthen the University’s international collaborations.

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What we offer to international Research Alumni

  • Support from the Welcome Centre before, during and after your stay at the University of Münster and also if you return to Münster for further research visits
  • Information events on general conditions related to research visits, career development and project funding
  • Financial assistance for returnees in the form of Fellowships for future visits
  • Support in setting up regional groups of international alumni
  • Network meetings on specific topics abroad
  • Preparation for the role of Ambassador with workshops, individual coaching and a certificate of recognition
  • Worldwide networking in the Alumni-Club Universität Münster and in other networks at the University

Further information on the Research-Alumni-Strategy RE.AL can be found on the homepage of the International Office.