Münster (upm/nor)

Digitalisation@WWU: An interview with Prof. Dr. Bernd Blöbaum

Part one of a series of videos to accompany the featured theme of “digitalisation”

Whether it’s learning platforms such as Moodle, research portals like DigiBib or databases for research such as CRIS@WWU, digitalisation is making a lot of changes at Münster University. In the administration, the importance of the almost paperless office is growing. Nowadays, it’s nothing special for students to receive presentation and scripts via the Learnweb. The rapid progress being made by digitalisation also offers the academic world new opportunities and possibilities for networking. Between January and June, the University of Münster Press Office will be taking a closer look at various aspects of “Digitalisation at Münster University”, along with the challenges it presents. In the first video in the series “Digitalisation@WWU”, Prof. Dr. Bernd Blöbaum from the Institute of Communication Sciences talks about trust and communication in a digital world.

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