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Dossier "WWU international"

The University of Münster (WWU) is characterized in both its teaching and research by a wide diversity of international activities. Internationalization, though, is not an end in itself, but contributes to the profile and competitiveness of the University. From October 2015 to May 2016 the press office of the University therefore devoted itself to the topic of “internationalisation”.

Togetherness in front of the castle of Münster: Anita and Jonathon Watson<address>© WWU - Peter Grewer</address>
© WWU - Peter Grewer

The Erasmus programme has a lot to offer

When Anita and Jonathon Watson, both 31, think back today to Erasmus, it has now acquired a completely new dimension for them. After all, it was the time that Jonny – as Anita calls her British husband – spent at Münster University that laid the foundations for their family with their first child. The new addition to the Watson family, who was born on 25. September, will also be treading European paths.

Conversation with Joachim Sommer, the former Director of “Die Brücke” for many years, and with its current Director Dana Jacob.<address>© WWU - Peter Grewer</address>
© WWU - Peter Grewer

"Die Brücke" – A home far away from home

If there is one place where international flair at Münster University can be felt and lived, then that place is "Die Brücke" ("The Bridge"). With its Café Couleur, and the many readings, national evenings and musical events it organizes, it stands, like no other organization, for an open-minded and warm-hearted atmosphere between German and foreign students. Conversation with Joachim Sommer, the former Director of “Die Brücke” for many years, and with its current Director Dana Jacob.


Rebecca Melzer<address>© WWU - privat</address>
© WWU - privat

Interested in working for the EU?

Rebecca Melzer, a 21-year-old student at the University of Münster, has been internationally-minded almost all her life. As a possible stepping-stone to a future career in Brussels, she worked for one year as a voluntary ambassador for the administrative centre of the EU, which employs 55,000 people working for the European institutions and the European Commission.

Internationality at the university of Münster / References: wissen | leben no 6, October 14th, 2015<address>© WWU - Goldmarie Design</address>
© WWU - Goldmarie Design

Infographic: Internationality at the university of Münster

Did you know that more than 3,000 international students from all continents are enrolled at the University of Münster? Or that around 700 guest academics are working at the University? Even if these are just numbers, this infographic can give you a good insight into many aspects of internationality at the University of Münster.

Ursula Nelles and Victor van der Chijs met at University Twente in Enschede (Netherlands).<address>© Rikkert Harink</address>
© Rikkert Harink

Removing the virtual border

The universities of Münster and Twente have been collaborating since 1979, but in their search for common research funding they still have to deal with the border that lies between them. "We don’t very easily find programmes that are suitable for cross-border collaboration." By extending the network to Groningen and Oldenburg, chairmen Ursula Nelles and Victor van der Chijs hope to remove that 'virtual border'.

Workgroup &#039;Nonlinear Photonics&#039; (WWU): Holographic optical tweezers at work in the lab<address>© WWU/Kristoffer Finn</address>
© WWU/Kristoffer Finn

“The chemistry’s right here – and so is the physics“

For many experts, nanotechnology is a key technology for the future. At the Universities of Münster and Twente, both national and international researchers are engaged on intensive work on just this future, and many of them are working closely together. Joint research, joint projects – and also joint training. That works very well in Münster and Twente.

Helga Soer-Sodmann (l.) and Prof. Cornelia Denz (2.v.r.) had a lot of interesting discussions with young scientists.<address>© WWU - Norbert Robers</address>
© WWU - Norbert Robers

Speed-dating for bright minds with homesickness

Back in Germany from North America? For two days every year, top German academics of the future meet in the USA with numerous representatives of German universities and academic organizations to plan their desired return to Germany. The University of Münster was also there in San Francisco to support postdoctoral students in word and deed.

"Crossing Borders"

Internationalization is a hot topic at many universities, and so it is for Münster and Twente. Both institutions are looking for partnerships all over the globe. Though, one of your strongest international connections might even be closer than the nearest domestic university. The universities of Twente (UT) and Münster (WWU) have been partners since 1979. In this special issue we would like to give an impression of the many links between the neighbouring universities.

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