Request revocation

In certain cases certificate holders are obliged to have a certificate blocked (revoked):

  • The certificate contains details that are no longer valid, e. g. after a change of name.

  • The private key or its passphrase/PIN have been lost, stolen, disclosed or otherwise compromised or abused.

  • The holder is no longer entitled to use the certificate.

If you have requested the certificate using the user portal MyZIV, then you can also use MyZIV to request the revocation

Otherwise please go on to the WWW pages of our certification server. There, under “Zertifikate”, go to “Zertifikat sperren”.

There please enter the (decimal) serial number of the certificate that can be found in the e-mail with which the certificate was sent to you or can be read out of the certificate with appropriate software. Specifying a reason for revocation is voluntary. On the next page you are asked for the PIN you have given when requesting the certificate.

Of course you can also come in person to a participant service staff member.