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RECOGNIZE, PROTECT, REACT to Information Security

Information security is a joint task of all employees, students and members of the University of Münster. See-Protect-React represents a three-step process of competencies designed to make information security more accessible in your daily work.

The See section provides information on potential threats, attackers' approaches, and the value of your information.

The Protect section provides you with concrete action instructions, step-by-step guides, and useful tips for implementing a secure way of working in your everyday workplace.

In the React section, you will find clues on how to recognize a security-critical incident, what to do in such a case, and who to contact immediately.


Use our IT Security Checklist to implement the necessary IT security measures at your workplace step by step.

Use our Checklist: How to Detect Scam Emails to identify and protect yourself against phishing and other harmful emails.

Also, use our Emergency Card to ensure that if you can no longer access the Internet, you can still reach your responsible contacts.

Warning about the Microsoft Outlook app for Android and iOS

Due to current requests the Information Security Office would like to point out that it is not permitted to use the Microsoft Outlook app for Android and iOS to retrieve e-mails from your Uni Exchange account. By using the app, you are sharing your passwords with third parties, which violates the IT Usage Regulations of the University of Münster.

Warning about Current Extortion E-mails

Lately a rising amount of extortion attempts with spam e-mails has been sent to members of the University. The originators usually claim to have "hacked" into a person's computer or e-mail account and threaten to publish sensitive information, if their demands are not met. Often a payment of in a crypto currency like Bitcoin is requested. All those claims are mere pretences to urge the receiving personmto give into their demands.