Elektronically sign software

If you want to use a digital ID (certificate) to electronically sign self-developed software (Microsoft Office macros, Java JARs), then you need a Yubikey 5 FIPS and a special code signing certificate.

We have not yet tested this new procedure, which was introduced in September 2023 due to new worldwide requirements.

For such a code signing certificate please first optain a Yubikey 5 FIPS (the variants without FIPS are unsuitable for this purpose) and then please contact ca@uni-muenster.de by signed email. You will then receive by email further information and an invitation, which you can use to order the desired digital ID directly on Sectigo's certification server.

Since the code signing certificate is not issued to an individual or group, but to the university or arts academy as a whole, only employees with financial responsibility may request code signing certificates.