Logging in to web pages with a digital ID using Mozilla Firefox

With this method, you log on to an appropriate prepared WWW page not with user ID and password, but with a with your digital ID.

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Please replace my user name “perske”, my email addresses, and my further datails with your own data.

These instructions contain three parts:

  1. Setup master password

  2. Import digital ID

  3. Select digital ID when logging in

If you have requested the certificate for your digital ID using the same Firefox profile, the first two steps are no more necessary.

1. Set up master password

The master password of Firefox protects private keys, passwords and other confidential data saved in the Firefox profile.

Open the settings page of Firefox. (If you do not see the gear symbol, you can find it after clicking on the three horizontal bars.)

In the left column select „Datenschutz und Sicherheit“ (“Privacy and security”). If it is not already checked, do check „Master-Passwort verwenden“ (“Use a master password”):

Enter a new master password and confirm with “OK”:

Accept the completion message with “OK”:

2. Import digital ID

Open the Firefox settings as described above:

Under „Datenschutz und Sicherheit“ (“Security and privacy”) you find the area „Zertifikate“ (“Certificates”). There you click on „Zertifikate anzeigen“ (“View Certificates”):

In the new window select the tab „Ihre Zertifikate“ (“Your Certificates”). Then click on „Importieren“ (“Import”):

Open the PKCS#12 file containing your digital ID (not the PEM file from the email):

To import the digital ID you have to enter the password used for encrypting the file:

To store your digital ID in the protected area of the Firefox profile you have to enter the Master password:

Then your digital ID should appear in the list. Close the window with “OK”:

3. Select digital ID when logging in

This example shows a logon to the central Single Sign-On of the University of Münster, here specifically to the IT portal:

When you log in, you will be prompted for the digital ID (certificate) with which you want to identify yourself to the server. It is advisable to check to box that you do not want to be asked again after every mouse click: