For a longer transition period, we (WWU IT + WWUCA + DFN-PKI) offer worldwide recognized digital IDs (certificates) from two different providers.

  • The already longer offered digital IDs with “Global” certificates are based on the “T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2” root certificate from T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH.
    This offer is expected to expire at the end of 2022 for server certificates and at the end of 2023 for other certificates.

  • The now also offered digital IDs with “TCS” certificates from the Trusted Certificate Service (TCS) of the pan-European research network GÉANT are based on the root certificates of Sectigo.

The digital IDs „TCS“ have three advantages: For many users, no new ID checks are necessary, there is no paperwork, and digital IDs from servers can be automatically renewed via ACME.

Request for a group certificate

As a person responsible for a clearly defined group of persons you may request a group certificate for this group. A typical application is an institute with an email address.

This can be used particularly for electronic signing or encrypting emails with S/MIME.

If there is a nonpersonal WWU IT account belonging to this group, the instructions for personal certificates apply with the following deviations:

  • You must specify an exact and detailed designation for the group. Do not use abbreviations incomprehensible to outsiders.An outsider should be able to clearly determine whether a person belongs to this group or not based on this designation alone. Example: “Working group Prof. Deus in the Institute for Physical Theology”

  • For a digital ID with “TCS” certificate, please do not log in to the WWU IT portal under the nonpersonal WWU ID, but under the personal WWU ID of the current person responsible for the nonpersonal WWU ID, and then do not use “New ID ‘TCS’”, but “Nonpersonal ID ‘TCS’”.

  • For a digital ID with ‘Global’ certificate, please do not log in to the WWU IT portal under your personal WWU ID, but under the impersonal WWU ID.

Otherwise you can submit your request for a “Global” certificate with your WWW browser as described here for Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Please note then that the text in the CN field must start with the characters "GRP:" (for group).

In all cases with “Global” certificates:

The PDF request file does not need to be printed out, but can be sent by the requester, who must of course already have a personal certificate for this, to by signed email.

The WWUCA has to check whether the requester is really entitled to request a certificate for this group of persons. It may be requested from the requester to present appropriate verifications. It is recommended to discuss beforehand with the WWUCA whether and which verifications are required.