MSc seminar on probability theory


Dates: Tuesday, 4pm - 6pm, SRZ 105

Prof. Dr. Gerold Alsmeyer

Assistance: Christopher Eick

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Preliminary meeting: The preliminary meeting has taken place already.
Course syllabus: This course gives an introduction to point processes.
Literature: [LP] Last, G., Penrose, M. (2017). Lectures on the Poisson Process
Course assessment:

The seminar can be passed by handing in a written report, successfully giving a talk and by constant participation. The length of the talks is supposed to lie between 60 and 75 minutes.

Reports: Please hand in the report as a PDF by no later than 2 weeks before the talk.
Please note: Do not forget to enrol for the course in QISPOS.


Date Name Topic Source
29.10.2019 Anna-Lena Meid Point Processes Chapter 2 + Ex. 2.1
05.11.2019 Alina Flaßkamp Poisson Processes Chapter 3 + Ex. 3.3, 3.6
12.11.2019 Niklas Hövelbrinks The Mecke Equation and Factorial Measures Chapter 4
19.11.2019 Maike Schiller Mappings, Markings and Thinnings Chapter 5 + Ex. 5.6, 5.2
26.11.2019 Niels Warnecke Characterisations of the Poisson Process Chapter 6
03.12.2019 Paul Groth Poisson Processes on the Real Line Chapter 7
17.12.2019 Benjamin Benholz Stationary Point Processes Chapter 8
07.01.2020 Anna Brinkschulte The Palm Distribution Chapter 9