• Swantje Brandt

    © Swantje Brandt
    Swantje Brandt

    After finishing my Abitur in 2014, I left Hamburg to do a voluntary service in Namibia. Afterwards I started studying business administration in Hamburg, but figured out it wasn’t for me.
    Since October 2016 I am studying „Human Movement in Sports and Exercise“ here in Muenster and starting in October 2017 I will work for the department of sport psychology.

  • Jona Greve

    © Jona Greve
    Jona Greve

    I'm from Siegen, where I graduated from high school in 2014 and then worked for a year as a volunteer in a day care center for people with mental illness.Afterwards I completed my Bachelor of Science in 'Human Movement in Sports and Exercise' here at the WWU and am currently studying for a Master's degree in 'Sports, Exercise and Human Performance'. I advise students on the statistics of their theses.

  • Tim Göcking

    © Tim Göcking
    Tim Göcking

    After finishing my carrer training as a physical therapist, I decided to study the B.Sc. "Human Movement in Sports and Exercise" in 2016. Since 2019 I study the M.Sc. "Sports, Exercise and Human Performance". I am responsible for the web page of the department of sport psychology and for the top-level athletes, respectively.

  • Matthia Kilian

    © Matthia Kilian
    Matthia Kilian

    I completed my Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the WWU and started working there as a student assistant after my research internship in the field of sports psychology. In the field of sports psychology I am part of the team of top-class sports and responsible for the Learnweb courses.

  • Jan Eric Klauke

    © Jan Eric Klauke
    Jan Eric Klauke

    In winter semester 19/20 I successfully completed my 2 subject bachelor's degree in sports and sociology and will now start with the corresponding master's program in the coming summer semester 20. I will additionally support Sebastian Brückner in the research project on stress management in volleyball referees.

  • Lena Kober

    © Lena Kober
    Lena Kober

    After my graduation in 2015, my path led me to Sparkasse. There I completed a two-year traineeship as a financial assistant and gained professional experience during the following year. In the winter term 2018/19, I started my studies "Human Movement in Sports and Exercise" to gain knowledge in a different field. Since July 2019 I am working as a student assistant in the field of sports psychology.

  • Marieke Nordmann

    © Marieke Nordmann
    Marieke Nordmann

    I finsihed school in June 2016 with my Abitur in my hometown Osnabrück. Afterwards I travelled for a while and gathered experiences and took my time to orientate. In October 2017 I moved to Münster and started my studies of the Bachelor of Science “Human Movement in Sports and Exercise” here in Münster. Starting in May 2018 I look forward to work for the department of sport psychology as a student assistent.

  • Hannah Pauly

    © Hannah Paul
    Hannah Pauly

    Nach meinem Abitur 2015 in Oberhausen und einem freiwilligen sozialem Jahr in Malta, startete ich im Wintersemester 2016/17 den Bachelor of Science „Human Movement in Sport and Exercise“ an der Westfälischen-Wilhelms-Universität zu studieren. Nach erfolgreichem Auslandssemester an der "Universiteit van Amsterdam", habe ich im September 2019 den Bachelor abgeschlossen. Seitdem studiere ich den Master of Science "Sports, Exercise and Human Performance".
    Seit 2017 arbeite ich im Arbeitsbereich Sportpsychologie, insbesondere für Projekte im Bereich der Motorik, des Selbstkonzepts, sowie der Teamkognition.

  • Jana Peikenkamp

    © Jana Peikenkamp
    Jana Peikenkamp

    After my Abitur 2016 in Münster I started my studies of psychology at the University of Münster in the winter semester 16/17. Since April 2020 I have been working in the field of sports psychology, after having already worked for asp and the WGI in 2019.

  • Annalena Veltmaat

    © Annalena Veltmaat
    Annalena Veltmaat