• Bachelor and Master Theses



  • Term Papers

    Term papers are to be submitted by the end of the respective term. The dates are to be found at the web sites of the University of Münster.

  • Possible Topics for Theses

    Studies on sport development

    • Development of Olympic Sports - Future of Athletics in Germany
    • Development of professional boxing in Germany
    • Development of tennis in Germany
    • Recruitment problems with referees

    Biographical studies in sports

    • Connection careers of professional boxers

    Deviant behavior in sports

    • Corruption in sports associations
    • Matchfixing in soccer
    • Sports betting

    Sexualization/Display in Sports/Gender Studies

    • Factors influencing the popularity of athletes - Why are some athletes more popular than others?
    • Self-portrayal strategies of athletes in social media? - Beauty before sporting success?
    • Change of body images and -understanding through Instagram
    • Connection between physical attractiveness and success - Are beautiful athletes also more successful?
    • Sports show without men's soccer - an experiment?
    • Gender stereotypes in the media - exemplary media analysis based on selected athletes

    Mediatization in sports - new media

    • Sports use and new media
    • Media production of sport
    • Activities of sports clubs in social media
    • Analysis of online and offline language usage
    • Sports marketing via social networks
    • Popularity of professional athletes in the age of social networks
    • Twitter behavior of professional athletes
    • Demand for sports in social media

    Identity and prejudices in sport

    • Major sporting events and national identification