Module 11 - Fachdidaktik

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  • Notes on study

    Prerequisite for admission to the module is admission to the Master's program. The module Sports Didactics is a compulsory module for the study programs Master of Education Elementary School (E1), Secondary School, Comprehensive School (E2), Grammar School/Comprehensive School (E3) and Vocational College (E4).
    It is recommended to start the module already in the first master's semester in order to be able to enter the module practical semester with previous knowledge in subject didactics. At the same time, the experiences and questions from the practical semester should encourage students to consciously select sports didactic courses that are still missing according to their own interests and needs. It is strongly recommended to take the module final examination only after studying the complete module, since the competences required there are initiated by the different types of courses.

  • Courses

    The courses in Module 11 build on the fundamental knowledge gained in Module 5 and offer contexts as well as in-depth insights into the design of teaching-learning processes in the context of school sport. This includes pedagogical and personal prerequisites of didactic thinking and acting as well as pedagogically rewarding perspectives on sport as a basis for well-founded and justified decisions on goals, content and methods in physical education.

    In this context, the lecture ("Fachdidaktische Konzepte") provides an overview of the range of topics and thus structures the module. The seminars offer an in-depth theoretical, but also personal examination of selected topics. The exam colloquium ("Educational and Instructional Research in Sport") is specifically aimed at students who want to write their master's thesis in sports didactics and deals primarily with research methodological issues.

    The project seminars focus on the students' experiential learning and thus enable them to intensify their examination of their own subjective theories and practices of action in sport in order to be able to work on a professional attitude. The courses are often combined with excursions, which, supported by the framework of external learning sites, allow for a more in-depth examination of one's own patterns of thought and action in exchange with the group.

    In contrast to the practical courses of the bachelor's degree program, the focus of the mediation-related practical immersion course is on the training of mediation competence in order to prepare students for their future teaching activities. The focus is on either a selected field of movement or a pedagogical perspective. The independently planned teaching units are tested and reflected upon with fellow students or students at cooperating schools.

    The event overview of the current semester can be foundhere.

  • Election procedure

    Please note the separate elective procedure for sports didactic courses in the Master of Education (seminars, project seminars and mediation-related practical immersions). You will find detailed information here.


  • Study achievements

    Depending on the type of course, different types of coursework may be required based on the number of credit points provided, e.g. critical text work, term papers, lesson planning and design, small empirical investigations, reflection tasks/reports. If there is interest in writing the master's thesis in the module Didactics of Sport, a term paper and participation in the exam colloquium are obligatory.

  • Module final examination in module M11

    You can find information about the MAP M11 here.

  • Textbooks/ materials

    Information on textbooks and materials can be found at here.