Teaching Concept

© Bastian Arnholdt (Medienlabor IfS)

Sports didactics deals with the structure of teaching and the process of teaching in sports. Accordingly, sports didactics teaches both structural prerequisites, such as goals, content and methods of teaching, and process-related competencies, such as planning, implementing and evaluating teaching. For this purpose, the department uses a dimensional competence model consisting of cognitive, moral and practical dimensions:

  • The knowledge that prospective physical education teachers need about schools and teaching, teachers and learners in order to act successfully.
  • The pedagogical attitude required to consciously deal with core issues, such as body, performance or health.
  • The didactic skills necessary to think and act practically under the uncertain conditions of teaching.

The dimensions are weighted differently in the teaching-learning formats of sports didactic teaching. While lectures, for example, are more knowledge-oriented, attitudes are addressed in project seminars and didactic action skills in mediation-related practice immersions. For all types of courses, reflection on one's own experiences, the questioning of supposedly safe maxims of action and the development of one's own professional attitude are decisive. Subject-related didactic competencies are addressed in modules 1 and 5 in the teaching-related Bachelor's degree programs as well as in modules 11 and in the practical semester in the Master of Education.