Module 5 - Teaching in Sport

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  • Notes on study

    Module 5 is a compulsory module for the study programs Bachelor HRsGe, G, BK and Zweifach-BA Sport (PO 2018). The VL "Inklusion im Sport" is also taken in the Master of Ed. Gymn./Ges. (PO 2014) as part of the LVZ Angleichungsstudien 5. It is strongly recommended to take the lecture "Teaching in Sport" and the accompanying seminar "Teaching in Sport" in the same semester. These courses build on each other by covering the topics of the lecture in depth in the seminar and linking them to the student's own experiences and action skills. The module final examination feeds on these two courses, which are also supervised in a joint Learnweb course. The lecture "Inclusion in Sport" is designed as a lecture series and can also be taken separately.

  • Courses

    Module 5 is located in the middle of the Bachelor's program and deals with the basics of subject didactic thinking and acting. While the lecture "Teaching in Sport" primarily offers basic knowledge on the connection between teaching and learning in sport as well as on the planning, implementation and evaluation of physical education, the focus in the accompanying seminars, in addition to reflecting on one's own learning processes, is on teaching the corresponding planning competencies. The VL Inclusion sheds light on the creation of heterogeneity from the perspective of the different sub-disciplines of sports science and thus provides a basis for the consideration of different target groups, which is taken up in the Master of. Ed.

    The course schedule for the current semester can be found here.

  • Election procedure

    Please note the separate election procedure for the seminars "Teaching in Sport". You can find detailed information here.


  • Study achievements

    In the lecture "Teaching in Sport" and "Inclusion in Sport", knowledge checks are carried out regularly, while in the seminar, smaller tasks for the preparation and follow-up of the sessions as well as a larger study performance are required. This comprises either a detailed planning of a teaching unit or a term paper in the subject area of the course. The term paper is a prerequisite for writing a Bachelor's thesis in line with Module 5. In the lecture "Inclusion in Sport", smaller study achievements are required in the form of follow-up tasks.

  • Module final examination in module M5

    Information about the MAP M5 can be found here.

  • Textbooks/ materials

    Information on textbooks and materials can be found here.